Do you get Angry When your Mother asks you to Clean

Do you get Angry When your Mother asks you to Clean your Room?

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You are not alone if you feel angry when your mom asks you to clean your room. It is the story of every household and the reason for a common tiff between moms and lazy sons and daughters. If you get angry after being called lazy, then let me justify. After reading this blog, you will begin to see things in a different perspective. Next time, when your mother asks you to clean your room, you will gladly oblige.

Why is Mom so Particular About Cleaning your Room?


Your mother asks you to clean your room, because she is concerned about your cleanliness. She knows how harmful and dangerous it is for your health if you live amidst germs, bacteria, dust and mold. You may easily catch a cold due to dust and develop mites on your dirty bedsheet. Understand the good intentions when your mom asks you to clean.


You may scream at your mom, telling her to do it herself if she is that concerned. But tell me, will she always be there to clean your room? She is only trying to make you independent, so that you can take care of yourself, your house and your needs once she is no more or once you have to live away from home.


Is looking after the whole house only your mom’s responsibility. She is a mother and not a housemaid. You should be happy to help her in this task. She is not asking you to clean other rooms in the house, only yours. You should happily oblige.

clean home - when mother ask your help

Aesthetics of the House:

Be patient when your mom asks you to clean your room even if you have a lot of other important things to do. Cleaning and sorting out the mess in your room will also help you make your room appear more beautiful and appealing. It would be very embarrassing for your mom to have unexpected guests over to see the mess you have created. 

Organized and Efficient:

Helping your mom is not only a good habit as a son, but also a very good habit for your own individual self. You will know the importance of decluttering your room and keeping everything in a neat and organized way. 

Why should you Help her?

Why should she take all the Responsibility?

A mother takes full responsibility of keeping the house clean and the kitchen stocked. You should be happy to help her in her middle age and be useful around the house. Remember that we all have to work equally to keep the family running smoothly and happily. 

Feel Blessed to have a Mother:

Next time, your mother asks you to clean, do not feel angry, instead, be blessed to have a mother who is concerned about you. There are some people in this world who do not have a mother or any guardian to look after them. Listen to her, share her work load and you will feel good about it.

Get some Organization in your Life:

Cleaning your room regularly will help you get more organized and sorted in your life. You will always develop this good habit and your children will further learn from you. You will be able to think clearly and be organized in whatever task you take up in life.

Do you get Angry When your mom asks you to Clean your Room

You know Where Everything is Kept:

When you clean your room yourself, you know where everything is kept, as you have kept it yourself. You will no more have to waste time on finding your stuff as everything will be neatly organized in your room.

You are a Part of the House:

If you are living in your parent’s house, learn to be a part of the house by sharing the workload. This type of unity will make all the family members happy and you all can spend more quality time with each other.

United Family:

You are a part of the family, and if you care for your mother, you should help her in whatever she asks you to do. Simple logic. This will keep the family united, members happy and each one will have plenty of time to do their own stuff too.

Help your mother - when they ask

So, if these pointers have made you stop and think, then next time, do not give your mom a reason to be angry over your room cleaning issues. An angry mom is no good as mommies are epitomes of love, laughter and happiness. This blog is my effort to turn all lazy sons and daughters into sensible, sensitive and caring children. I hope this blog has motivated you in the right way!