Does Bleach Kill Cockroaches

Does Bleach Kill Cockroaches ?

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Bleach is a common household cleaner that is used worldwide to remove tough stains from clothes. Not only for removing stains, bleach has many other uses and benefits for overall house maintenance. In this article, we shall discuss the question of whether bleach kills cockroaches.

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There has been a buzz amongst house owners that bleach can not only effectively remove cockroaches trying to hide in the corners of your home, but also kill cockroaches that are tough to reach out. Bleach is a powerful household cleaning chemical that can effectively kill cockroaches. Cockroaches not only scare people, spread germs but create a menace in your houses. Here is all that you need to know about bleach and their effect on cockroaches.

Cockroach Menace in Houses:

  • Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found in homes, especially in bathrooms and kitchen areas.¬†
  • They can be seen hiding under your sink, inside your cupboards and in most corners of your home.
  • They are attracted to areas that are dark, humid, and those that have left-over food particles.
  • Their sight not only scares home-owners, but their sight creates disgust and showcases a sign of unkept and unmaintained houses.
  • Furthermore, they also spread germs and microorganisms that stick to their several legs and then are passed on to other surfaces.
  • Cockroaches are vectors of several serious diseases.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches?

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Many people resort to pest-control professionals to get rid of cockroaches, but their treatments are often highly-priced and temporary. There are many others who prefer to use cheaper options or alternatives to get rid of cockroaches. Here, we will discuss the use of bleach to get rid of cockroaches.

What is Bleach?

Many people think that bleach is a cleaning liquid that helps to remove stubborn stains off white clothes. But, bleach has many more uses than that. Bleach is a chemical compound that is made by mixing chlorine, caustic soda and water. It has strong anti-microbial and whitening properties. The bleach available for common household use is generally milder than the one available for commercial use. There are many kinds of bleaches available with different concentrations. Bleach can be used to sanitize floors, toilet bowls, remove stains, mold and mildew, whiten hair, whiten clothes and to make your entire house hygienic. It has a strong disinfecting property that is used to sanitize pools as well.

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Household bleach is available in liquid or powdered form. Bleaching powder is also known as chlorinated lime that appears as white as a white powder, while sodium hypochlorite is a liquid bleach that is available in a diluted solution of water and appears greenish yellow in color. Bleach has a strong and unpleasant odor that lingers on the skin and air for some time.

Does Bleach Kill Cockroaches?

Many home-owners found that bleach can effectively kill cockroaches. When these pests ingest or drown in bleach, they die. But, bleach cannot be used as easily or as safely as other traditional insecticide chemicals, formulated especially to kill roaches. Cockroaches may try to drink bleach hidden in a corner and may die.

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Making Cockroaches Ingest Bleach:

But to get them to drink bleach is quite tough as cockroaches hate the bleach smell. The physical act of trying to make cockroaches drink bleach is next to impossible. Just with the smell of powdered or liquid bleach, cockroaches may scurry away and hide somewhere else in the house, but not go away completely. But, you can use a bleach solution as an effective roach repellent by wiping a particular area with bleach solution, where you do not want cockroaches to come. Bleach is also quite effective in killing roach eggs. But, this solution will not entirely solve your problem as you will still have cockroaches hiding in other areas of your house.

When you buy common commercially available roach baits or cockroach killing products, they actually help to attract cockroaches. The roaches are attracted to the product, eat the poised laced bait and then die. Bleach does not attract cockroaches at all, only helps them to hide in a different place.

Making Cockroaches Drown in Bleach:

This option is more effective, but really tough. You will have to catch the cockroaches one by one and put them in a container containing bleach solution. The roaches can drown in bleach solution easily and quickly die.

How to Use Bleach Safely?

Bleach can also pose a risk to human health. It is a highly corrosive chemical and can burn your skin when you use it directly  without wearing gloves or any other protective clothing. In case of contact with skin, it should be washed off immediately. It is always recommended to work with bleach only after wearing the necessary protection gears and using the required tools. 

How to Use Bleach Safely

Ingestion of Bleach:

In case of ingestion of bleach accidently by your pet or a small child, you should provide the victim with plenty of drinking water or milk to dilute the chemical in the stomach. It can burn the mouth, esophagus, and also the stomach lining of the person who drank the bleach solution. If the bleach solution is highly concentrated, it can lead to many other adverse effects such as vomiting, coma or even death. It is a potent oxidizing agent and care should be taken to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Inhalation of Bleach:

In case of inhalation of bleach, the victim may find their eyes stinging. As it is a strong chemical, it gives off strong fumes and a strong smell that can linger on for a couple of hours. Exposure to this strong odor can lead to burning of the throat, coughing and eventually difficulty in breathing. When working with bleach, one must wear a protective mask. Bleach should never be mixed with Pine-Sol as their combination can lead to the production of chlorine gas that can be very fatal and poisonous. Bleach should always be used in a well-ventilated area.

Safety Tips while Using Bleach to Kill Cockroaches:

Bleach can kill and repel cockroaches effectively. But, it is not a very practical solution. It is only useful in killing cockroaches that you can catch. Cockroaches can safely hide in the corners of your home when exposed to the strong bleach smell. It can also pose a serious health hazard to members of your family and your pets. You can refer to other options in a cockroach control guide to effectively kill and eliminate cockroaches from your house.

So, this is the complete guide to the question of whether bleach kills cockroaches. It is better to call a professional if there is roach infestation in your house or you can even try using other commercially available cockroach killing products to remove cockroaches effectively from your premises. You can use a bleach solution to wipe your surfaces if you want to prevent roaches from entering a particular area as they are not fond of the strong odor of bleach.