Dos and Don'ts of Keeping the House Clean

Dos and Don’ts of Keeping the House Clean

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A clean and sanitized house is every homemaker’s ultimate goal. As a parent, you want complete hygiene for your family members. You put in a lot of efforts to keep the showers, countertops, floors and glass surfaces clean. But sometimes, you tend to get lazy or are not able to take out time to keep your house clean. Certain germs may not be visible to the naked eye, but are very harmful. In this blog, we will explain some easy do’s and don’ts for keeping the house clean. This will help you get a thoroughly clean and healthy home.

Don’ts of House Cleaning:

  • Do not use acidic cleaners to clean your floors, walls, showers or counters. These easily cause etching on the surface and also erode the top soft enamel layer on your natural stone or non-natural stone tile.
  • Never chop fruits, vegetables, meat or bread directly on your granite or marble countertops as this may lead to scratching on the surface, which will then hoard bacteria or mold.
  • Never scrape of hardened grout on tile or other such hard impurities with a screw driver or other such sharp tools. 
  • Do not use water-based sealers to seal your grout, tile or glass surfaces. These may wear off quickly and hence, it is better to use epoxy/resin sealers.
  • Never get caulking done to seal your shower corners. Caulking is a very temporary solution to sealing your shower grout. It cracks or peels off in extreme weather conditions and also leads to mold formation on its surface once it has deteriorated.
  • Never seal tile without sealing the grout. The moisture present inside the grout easily spread under the tile sealant, giving a hazy look under the sealant coat and also giving rise to mold breeding underneath.
  • Never try to scrape efflorescence arising in your shower tile. This will crack the grout and may also clog your drains, so you should find measures to remove efflorescence by dissolving it.

Do’s of House Cleaning:

  • Use strong by alkaline cleaners for cleaning your walls, floors, showers or counters. These cleaners have a high pH value and do not cause any damage to the tile or glass surface. There are different cleaners available for glass and tile. Ensure that you get different cleaners for different surfaces as all have a different way of reacting.
  • Use penetrating cleaners for cleaning porous tile and grout. Such cleaners have the capability to soak inside the pores of porous surfaces and remove all traces of hidden mold and mildew and dense stains.
  • You should always seal the surface after deep cleaning. There are different sealers available for sealing tile and grout. You also get separate glass sealers. Sealing creates a water-proof barrier on the tile and grout and makes them water-resistant. Such surfaces do not absorb water into their pores and hence, do not give birth to mold, mildew or dense stains.
  • Always treat efflorescence with a strong chemical efflorescence remover that dissolves it and removes it completely, without damaging your tile and grout.
  • Substitute caulk with a shower grout sealer that gives permanent results. There are new age epoxy/resin sealers available on the market that come in more than 40 color options. You can easily get the shade of your choice for your grout.

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  • Always seal your glass surfaces after cleaning as a cleaned surface immediately gets stained or dirty with the next use. Once you seal your glass with high-quality glass sealers, you do not have to worry about hard water stains, soap scum accumulation or mold formation.
  • Once you have cleaned and sealed your tile, grout and glass surfaces, you should regularly maintain these with maintenance cleaners. These products are generally mild and are combinations of sealers and cleaners that keep your top sealant intact and also remove all the superfluous dirt and stains.

House cleaning importance:

House cleaning importance cannot be ignored. Once you read the above mentioned house cleaning do’s and house cleaning don’ts, you will get a better idea on how to maintain your house and keep it clean. A house should be cleaned in a systematic way. You may be putting a lot of effort on daily cleaning, but once you seal your surfaces after cleaning, you will find that half of your work has been reduced. Once your seal your tile and glass, you need not clean these surfaces regularly, as they will not get stained easily. Water will sheet-off these surfaces and will not get absorbed inside.

So, adhere to the above tips on house cleaning and ensure that you have a clean and sanitized house for your family members.