Drain Cleaning Service - Toronto

Drain Cleaning Service – Toronto

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Unclogging a shower drain requires a lot of effort and patience. A clogged shower drain can even cause emergency plumbing. A plethora of commercial products are easily available on the market which are specially designed to remove the blockage and clear the drain. But sometimes, your drain might be badly clogged and might need professional help to remove all the accumulated debris. 

If you want to hire a professional drain cleaning service in Toronto, you can hire experts in Toronto. Here is a list of the best drain cleaning service providers in Toronto:

Best Drain Cleaning Service Providers – Toronto

  1. Priority Plumbing & Drains – +1 647-699-4912
  2. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Toronto ON- +1 416-699-8623
  3. Advanced Plumbing Drains & Heating – +1 416-769-8800
  4. Drain King Plumbers – +1 833-983-5663
  5. ADP Toronto Plumbing- +1 416-822-2221

If your shower drain has clogged, you should know about the possible reasons that might have caused the clog, so that you are careful about it in the future.

What Causes Clogging of Shower Drains?

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One needs to be aware of the reasons that cause the blockage so as to act precisely and avoid facing the problem of the clogged shower drains in the near future.

  • Hair and Dead Skin Cells: Losing hundreds of hair strands in the shower is quite a natural phenomenon these days due to a stressful lifestyle. Along with hair, we all lose dead skin cells during each bath. The hair strands and the dead skin cells stick inside the drain pipe and lead to the clogging.
  • Soap: The soap scum builds up in the drains and causes the clogging of the drain. When a significant amount of soap gets accumulated, it ends up clogging the drain pipes and the drainage of water becomes very slow. Eventually, the water begins to pool leading to various other problems.
  • Hard Water: In some areas, people also face the issue of hard water which contains deposits of minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. Over a period of time, the deposit of minerals damage the shower drain leading to clogging problems.
  • Trash: Small trash items such as caps of shampoo bottles, conditioners, razors, etc get stuck inside the shower drains. These small items ignored by us cause big issues.

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What happens when shower drains clog?

Clogged shower drains do show some warning signs. It takes much longer to drain the water and slowly, the water starts pooling in the shower. It is common for unpleasant odors to start forming, making one’s life unbearable. These are the initial signs of clogged shower drains and you should start doing something about it before experiencing a complete blockage.

While there are some home remedies for drain cleaning, they don’t give very long-lasting results like professional drain cleaning does. Here are a few common methods of drain cleaning used by experts.

Expert Methods of Drain Cleaning:

  • Motorized Drain Snakes:

Drain snakes or drain augers are mechanized drain snakes made from pro-grade drain materials. These operate like corkscrews. They have a long coil of wire that goes inside the drain pipe, bores into the blockage and clogs and then either breaks the clog or draws it upwards. A motorized drain snake can remove any obstruction if used properly. 

  • Hydro-jetting:

This is a motorized device that releases hot water through a hose and a small nozzle right into the drain. The hose is fed down into the drain. The hot and scalding blasts of water break through the clogs and clear away all the accumulated debris from the interior of the drain. This technique is very dangerous for common man to use as the water is blasted at 7000psi. It should be operated by trained professionals only.

  • Video Camera Pipe Inspection:

Sometimes, cleaning out the pipes is done with video pipe inspection to know better about the kind of obstruction inside the drain pipe. A miniature camera and LED light are mounted on the end of a fiber-optic cable and sent down a drain pipe. The camera captures a video feed so that the plumber can pinpoint the exact area that needs to be cleaned. 

So, if you have an obstruction in your drain that does not clear away by pouring hot water or such other common home remedies, you can contact a professional drain cleaning service to get your pipes back in free-flowing conditions. 

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