Frameless, Framed Shower Door Bottom Seals

Frameless, Framed Shower Door Bottom Seals and Sweeps

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Shower doors tend to leak often. The leakage starts either from the sides or from the bottom of the glass doors. Any laymen or cheap contractor might advise you to change your shower door incase of a leakage. But there are better and cheaper alternatives. pFOkUS brings you an incredible range of frameless, framed shower door seals and sweeps. So, whether you have a framed door or a frameless door, whether you have a leakage from the sides or from the bottom, we have a solution for every problem. In this article, we will describe some of our best sweeps and seals for every kind of shower glass door. 

Shower Door Seals for Framed Glass Doors

Shower door seals are manufactured from polycarbonate, vinyl or rubber. Different seal patterns and sizes may comply with different kinds of framed shower doors. These are engineered with high-quality and extremely flexible material. The seals are also light-in-weight and very thin. Seals are ideal when leakage is happening from the sides.

Framed Door Seals:

1. DS9397:

 This seal measures 36 inches long and is ideal for ½ inch glass. It attaches easily to any glass door, using a double-sided tape. This seal comes in a T-shape and can be fixed on doors which open both outside and inside.

2. DS8211:

Crafted from high-quality polycarbonate, this seal measures 36 inches long. It is a clear looking seal which can be fixed on both sides of the drip rail. It does not need any tool. You just need to slide it to the existing seal of your drip rail right into the grooves. It is a clear translucent color. You can also trim it with a pair of scissors to match your size.

3. DS8228:

This framed seal is ideal as a replacement seal as it easily slides into the drip rail. This one measures 36 inches too. You can slide it into the grooves of the drip rail after removing the old one. This one too can be cut with a pair of scissors. 

Shower Door Seals for Frameless Glass Doors

Seals are made from rubber, vinyl or polycarbonate. We have 12 varieties of seals that are available in different styles such as push-in, pre-taped and some others that can be fixed with a double-sided tape. The seals are all different with regards to their design, material, length, size and installation style. Some of these can easily snap-on to the drip rail as well. 

Mentioned Below are Some Frameless Seal Products are Described Below:

 1. DS100:

Measuring 98 inches, this seal can  attach to a glass measuring ⅜ or ½ inches. This one is a pre-taped variety and it is also available in a regular style for which you need to buy a double-sided tape separately. It can be used on doors which open both inside and outside. The seal comes with different length legs that prevent water from escaping from the gaps between the doors. 

2. DS108:

This one is also available in a pre-taped or a regular kind. It is available in 98 inches in both kids, pre-taped and regular. 

3. DS9397

This one is a particular T-shaped shower door that is available in 98 inches and is apt for 3/16 and ½ inches glass. The seal adheres to the glass with a double-sided tape. You can also buy our pre-taped variety. 

 Shower Door Sweeps

pFOkUS’ door sweeps are made from very clear polycarbonate material. These come with a seamless and unique look that helps in preventing leaks from the bottom of the door. The sweeps have a strong grip that easily push into the bottom of the glass. These are very functional and come with a great design. There are many varieties of sweeps depending upon the glass size, style and finish requirement. After using a sweep, you will put an end to wiping water leaking outside your shower door. It ensures a dry flooring at all times.   

All our 7 door sweeps have different sizes and shapes. 

Have a closer look at some sweeps described below:

1. DS9371-1 door sweep:

This is one of the best door sweeps from pFOkUS. It has the largest size. You can easily fit this one under your shower door, after closing all the gaps. You get this one in two sizes – 32 inches and 36 inches. It is very suitable for glasses measuring 8mm or 10 mm thickness. You also get this one in many sizes which you may need to cut as per  your requirement. This one can fit without the need of any tools as you can easily push it on the bottom of the door.

2. DS9371 door sweep:

This door sweep is a very popular product from pFOkUS as it can be easily installed. It requires little maintenance. It is available in various sizes such as 32, 36 and 98 inches. It can fit into glasses measuring 8mm, 10mm and 12 mm. You get a replaceable T-fin insert with this one. Once it wears out, you can also just replace the T-shape seal.

3. DS102 shower door sweep:

This seal is ideal for replacing the shower glass gap. It is available in 32 inches and 36 inches lengths. You can use it on glasses measuring 8 mm or 10 mm. It is perfect for filling in the gap between the glass door panel and door. It can also be used for pre-taped seals as it pushes easily and is quite durable. The soft fin also flows easily without interrupting the opening and closing of the door. 

Not only these mentioned above, we have many more styles and sizes in each type. So choose from any of these sweeps or seals as per your requirement. pFOkUS website has a large collection of different seals, sweeps for framed and frameless doors, all explained in detail. 


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