Grout Sealer Lowes Vs pFOkUS Grout Color Sealer

Grout Sealer Lowes Vs pFOkUS Grout Color Sealer

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The pFOkUS grout color sealer and Grout Sealer Lowes will be compared in this blog below, feature by feature. Let us see which one of the two proves to be a better product for your grout.

As we all know that grout is a cement and sand mix added between two tiles to join them. This mixture is porous and tends to absorb moisture into its pores, thereby leading to mold formation. The stains also penetrate deeper inside its pores leading to grout discoloration and dense staining. A grout sealer enables you to form a water-proof barrier on the surface, thereby preventing further absorption and subsequent staining.

Grout Sealer Lowes:

Grout sealer Lowes is a simple to use sealer that is quite easy to use. It comes in a pour bottle from which you just need to pour on the grout lines and wipe off excess. It makes your grout stain and water resistant. Grout Sealer Lowes can be used on natural stone and tile. 


  • This is an economical grout sealer that is easy to use.
  • It is a water-based penetrating sealer that is designed for dense surfaces. It penetrates the grout pores and shuts them, thereby preventing further water absorption.


  • Grout Sealer Lowes is meant for residential premises only.
  • It is not a biodegradable product. 
  • It is a milky white sealer and can deliver white looking grout finish only.
  • It is not available in other color choices.
  • It is a water-based grout sealer that does not deliver permanent results. Water-based sealers are easily ripped off after using harsh cleaners or acidic chemicals.
  • It quickly leaves the grout vulnerable again, causing you to get it sealed again with the same water-based product, hence getting into a continuous loop.
  • Does not give permanent results.
  • Cannot be used as a pool grout sealer as it will quickly wear off and make pool water penetrate deeper within.

pFOkUS Colored Grout Sealer:

pFOkUS grout color sealer is an extraordinary grout sealing system that offers permanent solutions as well as the choice to choose your grout finish. pFOkUS grout color sealer – Caponi is a two-part titanium pigmented solvent-based epoxy resin sealer that coats your grout lines in just stroke. It never pops off the surface and delivers permanent results as it is not water-based. Caponi is available in more than 40 colors and so you can easily match your grout lines to the color of your tile. Caponi can also be shaded with Sentura adhesive for repairing cracks and missing spaces in grout.

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  • Caponi is an excellent grout color sealer that can be used to seal your porous grout in a desired shade.
  • It can be easily applied with a grout sealer brush from pFOkUS and the excess can be wiped off with Alco – paint thinner.
  • As it is not water-based, you can expect it to deliver permanent results that will not wear off using acidic or harsh cleaners or scrubbers.
  • Caponi is formulated with titanium and hence it is a very strong compound that makes the grout water-proof, thereby preventing further staining or moisture absorption.


  • None

Final Verdict:

When sealing grout, you need two most important features – permanency and color-matching options. Both these features are present in pFOkUS’ floor, wall, countertop, shower and pool grout sealer. Grout Sealer Lowes is water-based and hence very temporary. Moreover, you get only a white finish on your grout after sealing it. Some people get a grey toned grout, or even in other neutral shades to match their tile. This is the biggest drawback of grout sealer Lowes, and hence pFOkUS grout color sealer is a better product.