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How to Clean a Shower

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Do you feel your shower tile dirty and lustreless? Do you find spots, stains and mold on the surface? Shower areas are always exposed to water. Natural stone, ceramic and porcelain are the common options for shower flooring. Natural stone is porous and the dampness absorbed inside the pores causes mold and mildew breeding. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are not porous but get stained easily. If you want to deep clean a shower tile, you need to do it the right way, using the right products. Here is a brief discussion on common shower problems and how to clean them.

Problems with Different Types of Shower Tile and Their Solutions

Mold and Mildew:

Natural stone tile, because of their porosity, will often find the problem of mold and mildew formation. These breed on dampness and moisture and therefore showers are their favorite place. Mold not only appears unsightly, but is also very unhealthy.. One may get eye problems and respiratory troubles with mold, not to mention its bad odor.  You need to remove mold from natural stone tile in your shower to restore its sheen.

Etching and Staining :

Natural stone is porous, which tends to absorb all the liquid spills and leads to mold and mildew. Acidic cleaners also cause etching of the tile. Etched surfaces tend to absorb stains easily, which later form stubborn and hard-to-remove patches. Staining easily occurs on ceramic and porcelain tile due to soap scum and dirty accumulation. You need to remove all the superficial and deep-rooted stains by a rigorous cleaning procedure.

Dirty Grout:

Grout is also porous like natural stone because it is a mixture of sand and cement. Grout absorbs dirty water and looks stained and discolored. It also cracks or goes missing in places, giving a very unmaintained look.  

Best Way to Clean a Shower 

Deep Cleaning with Powerful Tile Cleaning Products:

You need to first perform a thorough cleaning using robust and penetrating cleaners, which enter the pores of natural stone tile and grout and release dirt, stains and mold from each layer without damaging it. Shower tile cleaning products clean stains and mold on caulk too. You can use these products to clean your tub, wall and sink to get a hygienic looking bathroom.

Maintaining Shower Tile with Incredible Shower Maintenance Products:

After you have thoroughly restored your shower tile, you need to maintain it regularly by using shower maintenance cleaners, which make your cleaning job easy and effortless. You can use such cleaners weekly once to remove the superficial dirt and grime settled on the surface. Such maintenance cleaners can be used to clean a shower regularly after deep cleaning and sealing the tile.

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  1. Show cleaning has always been a struggle for me, my shower has mold in the tip corner, thank you for the article leaned alot about products to us

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