How to Clean Grout in 60 Seconds 

How to Clean Grout in 60 Seconds 

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Grout is the mixture of cement and sand added between two tiles to join them. Grout is a permeable structure and tends to absorb water and moisture into its pores. This leads to staining, molding and discoloration. Grout cleaning is largely ignored by most of the home owners. If your tile is clean but grout has mold, then this mold will spread on the entire surface within no time. Before we elaborate on how to clean grout, we will discuss some common grout cleaning mistakes. 

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Here are Some Mistakes to Avoid while Cleaning Grout:

Common Mistakes Made while Cleaning Grout:

  • Too Much Water:

Using too much water while cleaning grout is harmful for its integrity because it is highly porous. Using too much water can disintegrate the delicate structure of the grout. The water and moisture can get trapped inside its pores and provide excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew. 

  • Harsh or Abrasive Cleaners:

To clean and restore the grout, if you think that you can do an efficient job by using acidic cleaners, then you cannot be more wrong. Grout also becomes discolored on using harsh chemicals.

  • Coarse Scrubbers:

Using coarse scrubbers for tile and grout care and cleaning can result in knocking off the natural shine of the surface. Coarse scrubbers although feel very easy to scrape off the dirt and stains settled in the crevices of the grout, they also remove the grout, making a deeper crevice, which can collect water. 

  • Acidic Cleaners:

Acidic cleaners not only make the grout fragile and weak, but they also cause discoloration and disintegration of the delicate grout. The pH balance of acidic cleaners disturb the internal structure of the grout and make it very brittle. It hence, cracks or goes missing easily. 

Grout cleaning can be done in less than a minute. Here are some tips on how to clean grout in 60 seconds:

How to Clean Grout in 60 Seconds?

Grout should be cleaned in the following easy steps:

  • Prepping the Tile and Grout:

Cleaning the grout is very important. When you use a deep-soaking cleaner, you rip away the deep-rooted stains and mold inside and thoroughly sanitize the grout and tile. Once the grout is sprayed with a penetrating cleaner, the pores open up and get rid of all their germs and stains. We recommend you to use Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS. It is a powerful deep-soaking cleaner that enters the pores of the grout. 


Dilute some imperia Deep Clean as instructed on the container. Spray this diluted solution on the grout directly. Let sit for 5 minutes.

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  • Scrubbing Grout Lines Using a Grout Brush:

You will need a good-quality grout cleaning brush that does not have very harsh bristles. Preferably one with strong nylon bristles are the best as they help in removing hidden stains, mold, germs and bacteria. You can try using the grout brush from pFOkUS as it is specially formulated to clean tile and grout.


Start scrubbing with pFOkUS’ grout brush in up and down motion and side and backward motion to ensure that you remove all the hidden stains and mold.

  • Retracting:

Retracting is an important step to remove the dirt mixed water and cleaner.


Retract all the remnants to reveal a sparkling surface below. A mop can be very useful to retract the remnants. 

  • Wipe Dry:

After retracting, you need to ensure that your grout and tile is completely dry before you proceed with further repair work.


Retract thoroughly, rinse with plain water and wipe dry. Let it dry naturally for 24 hours.

All this action should only take 60 seconds for you to get back your beautiful and clean grout. Once your grout is completely dry, you can seal it with Caponi – epoxy grout sealer from pFOkUS, to avoid further deep staining or mold formation. Once you have sealed your grout, you may still find superfluous stains on the surface. You can clean such topical stains with Imperia Maintenance – a light daily cleaner from pFOkUS. If you feel you cannot do this yourself, you can hire D’Sapone to clean your grout.

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