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How to Clean the House after Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Party?

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You all love to entertain guests for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas festivals. But the after-party cleaning can take a toll on everyone. With kids around, it is tough to maintain cleanliness and this especially happens during festive get togethers. But, do not stop entertaining guests just because the after-party cleaning seems scary. Here we have some cool tips on how to clean the house after such occasions.

Before we explain how to clean the house after parties, you must understand the extent of filth, dirt and damage that may take place in your house.

Dirt, Spillage and Debris that Wrecks the Beauty of your House:


If you are throwing a lawn party, you can expect a lot of trash thrown here and there on your grass, countertops and tables. Spillage from food and beverages are easily camouflaged by the grass and hence not seen much. But the counters and tables can look very dirty with a lot of empty cans, half-eaten food slices, debris and such other dirt.

Living Rooms:

The floors of the living rooms are affected much with numerous guests walking with their shoes on. Food and beverage spills leave nasty stains and marks on the floors. Wine and cold drinks easily spill from the hands of guests and penetrate deeper into the stone tile, causing etching and deep-rooted stains. Dirt from shoes also makes the living room floor dirty.


Although your guests may not enter your kitchens, these places easily get dirty due to oil leaks, food spills and acidic liquids from fruits and beverages. The counters get dirty, greasy and even etched. Food that drops on the floor of kitchens gets trampled upon, leaving a denser mark or stain.


Your bathrooms will be used by several guests and you can imagine the end result of your bathroom after a party. With a dirty toilet seat, trash can full of toilet paper, water stains on the sink and flooring and soap scum and mold in the shower floor, your bathroom easily becomes a mess after your guests leave. 

If all these issues are a common occurrence in your homes after festive parties like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, then you are not alone. We will give you tips on how to clean the house after such parties.

How to Clean the House after Parties if you have Already Sealed your Tile, Grout and Glass?


If you have been following our blogs regularly, then you might already know the importance of sealing your tile, grout and glass surfaces. Sealing creates a coating protection on your surfaces and prevents deep-rooted damage. 

If you have already sealed  your surfaces, you might still find superfluous dirt, dust, debris and stains on your tile, grout or glass once your guests leave. But these are easily removed and such stains do not harm the integrity and beauty of your surfaces.

You can use Imperia Maintenance and Valore Maintenance to clean the superficial stains and dust settled on your surfaces once your guests leave. These maintenance cleaners are combinations of sealers and cleaners meant to clean the top layer of dirt from tile, grout for glass surfaces, while keeping the sealant coat intact. Of the two, Valore Maintenance is infused with 6.97% of H2O2 at the molecular level and is stronger.

Instructions to Use Maintenance Cleaners:

  • Spray Imperia Maintenance or Valore Maintenance on the dirty tile, grout or glass.
  • Wipe off with a soft cloth to remove all kinds of dirt, stains and dust. 
  • You will find a sparkling surface beneath.

How to Clean the House After Parties if you have not Sealed your Tile, Grout and Glass?

How to Clean the House after Parties

If you have not sealed your tile, grout or glass surfaces, any spills, dirt and leaks may penetrate deep into the pores of your tile and grout. Hard water stains may also leave your glass surfaces stained and dirty. These stains are tough to remove and they reoccur with the next use of your shower. Furthermore, as moisture penetrates into the pores, it also gives birth to mold and mildew. This mold starts breeding and quickly spreading on the rest of the surface.

To remove these deep-rooted stains from tile and grout, we recommend you to use Imperia Deep Clean. It is our powerful action deep-penetrating cleaner that soaks deep into the pores of porous tile and grout. It knocks off all the traces of hidden mold, mildew and stains from your tile and grout, revealing a thoroughly sparkling surface. 


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Instructions to Use Imperia Deep Clean for Stained Tile and Grout:

  • Imperia Deep Clean is quite powerful to remove mold, mildew, stains and even soap scum from tile, grout and stone surfaces.
  • First, you need to gather all the tools and cleaners – grout brush, soft cloth, retracting mop and imperia deep clean containers with sprayer bottles.
  • Next, fill the sprayer bottle with Imperia Deep Clean’s concentrated solution.
  • Only fill upto 1 gallon of hot water into the sprayer bottle. If your showers are very dirty, you can fill upto ½ gallon only. For light stains and mold, you can dilute it upto 1 gallon.
  • Next, pour hot water into the second sprayer bottle. This will be used as a neutralizer when you need to wash off the cleaner from the walls.
  • You can also add 8 oz of alcohol in the neutralizer solution as this helps to dry the liquids quickly.
  • Once your solutions are ready, you can begin spraying on the walls first from top to bottom.
  • Allow to dry for a few minutes. Also, spray on the floors from one corner to your side.
  • Again apply Imperia on these surfaces. 
  • This time, begin scrubbing the tile and grout lines using a grout brush.
  • Use the grout brush in a back and forth motion.
  • Now spray the neutralizer solution on the same surfaces.
  • Next, retract from the walls and the floors.
  • Allow to dry or you may even wash off with plain water and then mop again.

Similarly, we also recommend you to use Benaz, our powerful glass cleaner. It is a powerful action glass surface cleaner that quickly loosens the bonds of calcium and mineral deposits, dirt and stains. You can instantly find a sparkling glass surface with an ideal clarity after using Benaz. Your guests might have left your glass doors stained with hard water dots, soap scum or even finger print marks. Use Benaz to return your glass surfaces to their original beauty.

Instructions to Use Benaz for Stained Glass:

Instructions to Use Benaz for Stained Glass

  • Apply Benaz to the applicator and gently rub it over the stained and etched glass surface.
  • Massage gently in circular motions.
  • Wipe off with a soft clean cloth. 

If you clean your tile, grout and glass surfaces after a party, you can restore the original cleanliness and hygiene of your surfaces. But this time, we recommend you to seal your grout with Caponi, your tile with Celine and your glass with Valore Sealer, to prevent such heavy-duty cleaning repeatedly. Once you have sealed your surfaces, you can entertain any number of guests and throw all kinds of parties at home, without having to worry about the mess or dirt.