How to get obviate Rats

How to get obviate Rats in your Home

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Rats in your home can be scary, disgusting and also very dangerous. They are known to spread diseases, ruin your footwear and clothes, litter around and spread diseases by leaving their saliva on your food, surfaces and upholstery. Rats also chew and tear your sofa sets, carpets and basically ruin the aesthetics of your entire home. So, if you have spotted a rat or two, here are some ways to get rid of them.

How to get obviate Rats

Mouse -Traps:

Try a clever Mouse Trap – One can use a trap to invite rats and then send them away somewhere out of your house premises.You can place a piece of cheese inside the trap to attract them. The process can be repeated till all the rats are eradicated. The process is very cost-effective.

Bitter Neem-Oil:

Neem Oil’s results are long lasting and it’s a completely safe and nontoxic way of repelling rats. It acts as a growth regulator which prevents the feeding and reproduction processes of the rats. They eventually run away on coming in contact with neem oil. Generous amounts applied using a cotton ball on the rat-occupied areas will give desired results.


A very natural rat repellent, this one works for sure in removing rats from your household. You can try spraying some peppermint oil in areas where there are crevices and holes and where rats can dwell. Another method is by placing dried peppermint pieces on your entrances or window panes. One can also grow peppermint leaves in the garden or balcony. The strong smell discourages the rats from entering your home territory.

 Borax Powder: 

This toxic powder attracts the rat initially and when ingested by them makes them run away from your house into the open. This in powder form can be put in areas where you feel they dwell the most or have settled with their colonies.

 Red Cayenne Pepper: 

A very strong natural ingredient, cayenne pepper works as an effective rat repellent. You can use this in powder form and sprinkle it in areas where rats come from or dwell. This will discourage them from crossing the path of the powder, starve and die. 


Vinegar can be used either directly or in a 50/50 diluted solution with water and sprayed in the infested areas. This not only kills the ones present but also deters the others from entering the particular shelter tubes. One can repeat this application regularly to render the area clear of rats and also preventing further infestations.