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How to Help your Mother in Cleaning the House for Diwali?

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Diwali cleaning is a common practice in India. Indians believe that cleaning the house well in Diwali is a good practice as you are able to welcome Goddess Lakshmi in your house. It is a common tradition and belief that Goddess of wealth – Lakshmi enters only those homes that are clean and beautiful. So, people put in all their efforts to paint and restore their houses before Diwali approaches. As Diwali is around the corner, we have got some easy tips on how to help your mother in cleaning the house for Diwali.

Do you have memories of your mother cleaning the house thoroughly before Diwali? If you want to be of some help to your mom, then here is how you can help her for this big day.

Diwali House Cleaning

Chandeliers, Lights and Fans:

If you feel your mom has aged, then now is the time to help her clean the house. If you have memories of your mother cleaning house for Diwali by getting up on a ladder to clean chandeliers, you can take her place this year. Help her by sparkling and shining all the light fittings, fans and chandeliers in the house. 

Buying Cleaning Supplies:

You can begin all the cleaning by first collecting all the cleaning supplies. Ask your mother for all that is needed and make a list. Then rush to the market to get all the cleaning supplies. These may include scrubs, silver cleaning powder, glass cleaners and floor cleaners.

Silver Vessels and Pooja Deepams:

An important part of Diwali house cleaning is to clean and sparkle all the silver vessels as they will be used for the Diwali pooja. Some people give silver vessels to shopkeepers for cleaning, while some use home remedies to clean silver. Help your mother in sparkling and cleaning all the silverware in the house.

Floor Cleaning:

Start with the bedrooms and clean all the rooms one by one using a floor cleaner suggested by your mom. If you have something better in mind, tell your mom about it. Get an alkaline based robust floor cleaner and easily remove all the stains, dirt and mold from the floors.

Dos and Don'ts of Keeping the House Clean

Shower Cleaning:

Cleanliness is incomplete without cleaning the showers. First you must clean the floors and then the counters in the shower. Also sparkle the tap fittings to get a clean and sparkling shower for Diwali.

Glass Cleaning:

Help your mother to clean the house for Diwali by cleaning all the glassware in the house. This includes all the glass tops, glass doors and also the glass countertops in your house. This will immediately make your house look clean and tidy.

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Upholstery Cleaning:

This includes cleaning the sofa, carpets and curtains in a house. This is often one of the major tasks for Diwali. You can begin with changing the bedspreads in all the rooms and vacuuming the carpets. Next, give the curtains to the laundromat and then vacuum the sofas too. This will be a major help to your mother for Diwali cleaning.

How to Help your Mother for Decorating the House for Diwali:

As Diwali approaches, the house is clean and your mother may get busy decorating the house for Diwali. Ask her what all she needs for the decoration. Arrange fresh flowers for her. Display pretty candles, deepams and lanterns in the entrance of your house. Also, make a rangoli at the foyer to welcome the guests. You can also help her prepare Diwali sweets. 

Now that you have an idea how to help your mother in cleaning and decorating the house for Diwali, you should start making your list and get started.