Importance of Thorough Cleaning in Lodges and Resorts

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We all go to lodges and resorts for travel, leisure or holidaying with family and friends. We put an effort to select a good resort that suits our budgets and one that also promises a great stay. But how do you feel when you enter into a resort that looks dirty, stained, smelly and unmaintained? The first thing that comes to your mind is to fight with the manager and ask for a refund. They just conned you by showing you pretty pictures of a resort that is actually just the opposite. I personally had this unfortunate experience recently and this forced me to pen down a blog on the importance of thorough cleaning in lodges and resorts.

I had recently booked a resort through a booking app for a short trip to a nearby city for the weekend. I was traveling with my family and hence, had booked a double room with a connecting door. The pictures were quite pleasing on the website and we were really excited for our holiday. But, when we actually arrived at the resort, we found the sofa at the reception dirty and torn at the sides. The floors were stained and the tile was broken at the corners. To our utter shock, when we went into the rooms, the showers were disgusting. 

We immediately decided to go to another resort and not ruin our stay. We got a part refund and left in anger from this dirty property. I still wonder how some resort or lodge owners can be so careless about cleanliness! I posted my reviews on the booking app about how bad our experience was, wishing that no one should go through the same!

With this blog of mine, I hope to reach other resort owners and bring into their notice, the importance of thorough cleaning in resorts and lodges.

Why Cleaning and Maintenance in Resorts and Lodges is Important?

Good Experience for Customers:

Customers who pay to stay in a lodge or resort desire to have clean and sparkling surroundings with fresh linen and bed sheet and clean and vacuumed sofas and carpets. Customers come to create memories of a lifetime. They sometimes save money for months to be able to afford a stay in a resort room. It is the duty of the resort owner and manager to provide the best experience for the customers that they will remember for a lifetime.

Mouth to Mouth Publicity:

Cleaning and Maintenance in Resorts and Lodges is Important

If customers are happy and satisfied with the stay and the amenities provided, they will definitely praise the property to their friends and family members. They will recommend everyone to go for a stay in that property. Such mouth-to-mouth publicity often has a greater impact on the people that read paid reviews online. They will only want to trust their own who has been to that particular property to be convinced of its worthiness. Mouth-to-mouth publicity is a very good impact for a resort or lodge’s business.

Better Reviews and Hence More Bookings:

Today no one books a resort without checking out the reviews posted online. If the customers are unhappy, they will post negative reviews and this will affect the future business and future bookings of the resort. If the customers are happy, they will post genuine reviews and experiences and this will create a lasting impact on the image of the property and will also increase the possibility of future customers.

More Profits and Make a Good Name on the Market:

More Profits and Make a Good Name on the Market

If a resort or lodge is clean and maintained, the property will run full with bookings round the year. This will ensure a good name and a good brand image on the market. The owners can also hike up their rates a bit if they are in demand a lot. Customers will not mind paying a little more if the property is really good. This means better business and increased profits for the resort or lodge owners.

No Tension of Health:

Some resorts and lodges have wall-to-wall carpets and sofas in the rooms that are not vacuumed for months together. This leads to germs, bacteria and fungus infestation and breeding. If a customer catches a virus or an infection staying in your resort, they can fall sick. Sometimes, some customers may suffer from serious cases of food poisoning if your vessels or cooking counters are not clean and hygienic.

Any Health Issues, Customers can Sue you:

If any unfortunate health issue occurs to a customer or guest staying at your property, they can sue you or even file a complaint against the hygiene and cleanliness standards in your resorts. When the government checking team visits  your property to check and if they also find the property dirty, they can cancel your license or levy a heavy fine. It is better to go by the safety standards and norms or be prepared to suffer huge losses and even permanent closure of your resort or lodge.

These are all the main reasons why a resort or a lodge property should be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. You obviously do not want to be the reason for causing serious health hazards or unhappy experiences for your customers, do you? These are small steps you need to take to ensure your business runs better in the long run.

What are the Main Areas you should Focus on for Cleanliness?

Lodges and resorts cleaning

If I have managed to strike a chord or perk up your ears with my information, you must get going and start with your cleanliness drive quickly. It is better to hire a team of professionals to clean and maintain all the hard surfaces in your resort. If you have a good team yourself and plan to indulge in a do-it-yourself cleanliness drive, then here are some areas you need to focus on.

Hygienic Carpets, Sofas, Bed Covers:

Hire a team of cleaners who would only vacuum the carpets and sofas in all the rooms and lobby area of your resort or lodge. If there are nasty stains, you can even hire professional carpet and sofa cleaners who wash your furniture and make it as good as new. While you may be changing the bed covers regularly, ensure that you put fresh and clean ones after changing. Do not compromise in the cleaning and changing of bed sheets in all the rooms and engage a team to do it regularly twice or thrice a week.

Clean and Sparkling Bathrooms:

Any guest would want a clean and sparkling bathroom. Ensure that the shower and wall tile are clean thoroughly to remove all traces of mold, mildew, stains and soap scum. You can hire experts for deep cleaning of all the showers. They will also suggest you tile sealing services to seal the tile to prevent it from mold and stain formation again. You can even choose to polish your tile to renew them and to get back the sheen. Shower glass doors should be absolutely clean and sparkling.

Clean Food and Clean Vessels:

Ensure that your food and beverage staff and team takes the cleanliness of their cooking counters and their cooking vessels very seriously. You should give surprise checks to see how clean the counters are. You can also hire professionals to clean your cooking counters thoroughly and have them sealed to prevent water absorption and mold breeding.

Spotless Floors in the Reception and Rooms:

When the guests walk in a hotel or lodge, the first thing they notice is how clean is your reception or lobby floor. Ensure that you have spotless and shining flooring here. You can hire professional services to get your lobby flooring polished and cleaned. If there are any chips on the floor tile, have it repaired immediately so that you cast a good impression on your guests.

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