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Marble Tile Countertop Cleaning Service Near me – Georgia

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I recently hired a marble tile countertop cleaning service provider in Georgia, Atlanta. They were thorough professionals and restored my countertops just like new. I am sharing my experience with you and explaining in detail the kind of procedures they performed. This will help you to hire the right service providers yourself.

Marble is a porous natural stone. Marble countertops easily absorb moisture, food and beverage stains and oil leaks, leading to dense stains.  It also tends to lose its lustre and sheen after a few months if not sealed properly. Cracks and chips are also evident on the surface due to heavy impact. Marble countertops also develop scratches because of chopping and cutting of vegetables and fruits. To get the perfect sheen and lustre, there are a few tips mentioned below for marble tile countertop protection and maintenance that you should do after professionals have cleaned and restored your surfaces. 

 Tips for Preserving the Beauty of your Marble Countertops:

  • In case of a food spill or oil spill, do not spread it all over the surface while cleaning, instead, blot it using a tissue or blotting paper and then clean it. This prevents the food to spread on the entire surface.
  • While keeping hot vessels, use a coaster below. Keeping a very hot vessel directly on the countertop can make the stone lose its sheen.
  • Never cut directly with a knife on the countertops, use a chopping board.
  • Acidic cleaners should be avoided, as they cause etching on the stone.
  • Seal your marble countertop with an efficient sealer, which creates a protective coating on the entire surface. Ensure that your contractor is using a proper sealer which does not give a bulky look, while getting a marble tile countertop repair done.

How did Professionals Clean and Restore my Marble Tile Countertop? 

The professional marble counter cleaning and sealing service that I hired were from D’Sapone. They have their offices spread out in other parts of the US as well. Here is how they performed the marble tile countertop restoration

Removing Stains from Marble and Grout:

The professionals used a heavy duty deep penetrating cleaner to remove the stains from tile and grout,  which does not cause etching on the surface. Only a deep-soaking cleaner can remove all the hidden stains and mold at the root-level. 

Protecting and Sealing Marble Grout with Titanium Sealer:

They explained to me that grout is a permeable substance which absorbs all the liquid spills leading to mold and mildew growth. Marble countertop grout should be kept free from stains and mold as it may spoil the tile surface subsequently. Most artists do grout sealing using water based sealers which tend to peel off quickly and cause stains in a short span of time. An expert grout sealing protects the grout from getting stained or developing mold. My contractors used an epoxy resin adhesive to repair the cracks in your grout.

Marble Stone Waterproofing with Clear Resin Sealer:

Next, marble tile countertops should be sealed to make them waterproof. A good sealer prevents countertops from getting scratched. A good marble sealer is that which passes on a hydrophobic effect and waterproofs the surface while getting deep inside your marble. It blocks the pores and also leaves a natural sheen.

Dazzling the Marble Stone with Topical Sealers:

After the stone is cleaned and sealed, my contractors polished my marble countertops to get back the lost sheen on your surfaces.  This lustre is long-lasting now and I do not have to worry about staining or etching again.

I had only asked for cleaning services, but they gave me a proper restoration service, restoring my countertops just like new. Ofcourse, you can just ask them for cleaning services. This Marble Countertop Cleaning Company in Atlanta had a detailed knowledge and expertise in cleaning natural stone surfaces. Anyone looking for such services in Atlanta, should consider hiring this company.

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