Moving Clutter Things You Must Get Rid Of To Make The Moveout Easier

Moving Clutter: Things You Must Get Rid Of To Make The Moveout Easier

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Whenever you plan to move, you do not want to take anything heavy or expensive. At the same time, you have to resist the urge to toss everything out. Whether you pack individually or work with a professional moving company, it never fails that less stuff makes your move smooth. Moving is stressful, but at the same time, it gives you a chance to get rid of the clutter and junk you have held onto for so long. Decluttering is the best way to ensure a stress-free move and honor the memories of your old home before moving onto the new one.

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Even if you think your house is not cluttered, there are a handful of things lying around that you can leave behind. The closer you look, the more you will find. Here we will tell you about some things that you must get rid of before moving.

  • Unused Appliances:

Home appliances take a lot of packing space when you move, so you have to leave or remove the unused ones. If there is a sandwich maker or a toaster that has collected dust in your pantry, then get rid of it. Similarly, look around for appliances such as food processors, blenders, or others that are not in use anymore. If appliances are broken, chances are they do not work anymore, and there is no point in keeping them.

  • Clothing:

It is easy to overdo when packing your clothing before the move. Take some time to assess which ones you wear regularly or are fond of mainly. Donate or sell the ones that have no use for you anymore, or you might have grown out of them. Consider the weather conditions of the location you are about to move to as it will give you an idea to cut back on packing clothes. Take out the clothes that do not fit to make room for other necessary items. Suppose you have expensive clothing that you cannot discard. In that case, you can approach services for storage units and rent one for safekeeping. If you are a resident of the Denton area, you should approach services storage units denton tx. They have all sizes of storage units available at reasonable prices and strict safety.

  • Expired Food:

We all tend to keep expired things without realizing it, which commonly includes sauces or bottles of ketchup. These are the items that we do not use very often. It is a good idea to discard such things not only because they pose a health threat but frees up extra space for other items to take. Go through your pantry, refrigerator, and cabinets to get rid of anything that has passed the expiration date.

  • Bulky Items and Electronics:

Items like books and DVDs come in bulky item categories and take much space in your packing. Similarly, large electronic items such as unused laptops, desktop computers, LEDs, and players also take usable space. The best way to get rid of them is to hold a garage sale a week or two before your move or donate them to someone in need.

  • Kitchen Tools and Utensils:

Kitchen utensils and tools are common items that you collect over the years. However, decluttering them is not an easy job. You can use a Marie Kondo approach in which you collect them in one place and then sort them out by category. It will allow you to see the number of valuable items you have and those that have passed their life expectancy. You will feel surprised by the number of unused mugs, spoons, or spatulas that you have amassed. Keep your favorites and donate the ones that you do not need.

Similarly, if you have something that makes up the bulk of surplus cookware, such as cookie sheets, non-matching lids, or pizza stones, you never use it. Try to get rid of them to make your packing lighter.

  • Kid Clutter:

Children hold on to their toys very dearly, but they soon start to become cluttered. Children soon forget about their old toys, so take this opportunity to find and discard them. If the toys are in good condition, you can donate them to children’s shelters to save some space. Similarly, discard broken toys and find clothes that do not fit them, torn or beyond repair. There is no sense in taking children’s stuff that they will not use again. So, donate what you see fit and discard the rest.

  • Game Consoles and Extra Controllers:

If you have children who love gaming, you probably have a collection of video games that you can retire from. Like old media players or sound systems, you do not need all the extra wires and cables. You might also have old and unusable consoles and controllers collecting dust, so better discard them. You have the latest games and consoles available, so getting rid of the old ones gives you extra space and makes moving smooth.

  • Pet Toys and Bedding:

If you have a pet, you must also have their accessories such as toys and scratch posts. Check whether these accessories have outlived their usefulness and discard them. Rather than bringing all of your toys and bedding, declutter the ones you don’t want until you have a few usable items. You can replace these with new items once you have reached your new place.

  • Jewelry and Accessories:

Jewelry and accessories go out of fashion rather quickly, and you have much decluttering potentially available here. You might want to keep all the jewelry, but you can donate the old ones to make someone else’s day. You can bring old jewelry, accessories, and handbags to consignment stores to sell and make some cash out of them.

  • Old Garage Items:

Garage items have a reputation for creating clutter without ever realizing and have items you should probably get rid of before moving. Keep an idea about the space in your new home and use extra discernment before decluttering. Tool kits, gardening supplies, construction material, etc., that have collected rust and become unusable can be discarded. Carefully evaluate everything that you have and either discard or give them to someone else.

Final Word:

Moving to a new location is an exhausting activity in itself that can become even more challenging if you have a ton of clutter packed. Assess your home to find all the unusable items you can get rid of and free space. You need to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible, and for that, you need to take only usable items with you. Take an idea from the elements as mentioned above and free up space for a smooth and effective relocation.