cleaning natural stone tiles

What are some tips for cleaning natural stone tiles?

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Natural stone tile are made from natural stone that is porous in nature. The porosity factor makes these surfaces absorb water, moisture, dirt particles and any other dirty liquid into their pores. This leads to dense staining within the structure. Furthermore, mold and mildew love to breed in damp places. These pores filled with water provide excellent breeding grounds for mold. Mold and mildew not only ruin the aesthetic appearance of your tile, but also cause health hazards such as respiratory problems or eye infections. Mold also reeks of a bad odor.

If you have installed natural stone tile in your home or commercial complexes, you should know about the right method and right procedures to clean them thoroughly from the root.

Here are some tips to clean natural stone tile:

  • You need to use a deep-penetrating natural-stone approved cleaner that is capable of penetrating into the pores and eliminating germs, mold, bacteria and stains from the root. You will also need to use a grout and tile cleaning brush to scrub the tile thoroughly. 
  • If you do not use a strong action and deep-penetrating cleaner, the stains, mold and bacteria residing inside the pores of the stone will not get eliminated and your surface will not look thoroughly clean and sanitized. Furthermore, mold breeding at the root will quickly spread on the entire surface again.


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  • Not just the natural stone tile, but the grout used to join two tiles is also very porous. You need to clean the grout as well with a proper tile and grout cleaning brush and a deep-penetrating cleaner so as to eliminate all the stains and mold from the grout. Later, you should seal the grout separately first before you proceed to sealing the tile. This will make your grout intact and beautiful for long.
  • The cleaner should not be acidic and should not cause any etching marks on your stone.
  • Do not use vinegar, lime or any other household cleaner to clean your natural stone, as these are acidic and may leave etching marks.
  • Do not use harsh or abrasive substances like a steel scrubber to clean your stone, as these may cause scratch marks.
  • Once you have thoroughly cleaned your natural stone tile with a cleaner, you need to seal it to prevent further absorption of liquid into the pores. You can seal your natural stone tile with epoxy/resin sealers that form a protective and preventive barrier on the surface, while also leaving a natural sheen. Your surface will become water-proof and stain-resistant.

So, follow these tips to clean your natural stone tile and ensure that their sheen and lustre remains intact. If you have a lot of scratches and etch marks on your tile, you can get your tile polished to remove these marks and get a shining and new-looking surface again. Natural stone tile is very costly. You need to take proper care for cleaning and sealing of your tile if you want its beauty to last for long.