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Pools give you joy. Having a pool in the house is lots of fun, but maintaining it might be giving you a headache. It tends to get dirty very quickly and if not cleaned and restored becomes a storehouse of mold, dirty and filth. Moreover, apart from the dirt, pool tile also gets damaged frequently. Chips and cracks are common on the surface. There are many responsibilities of an expert service provider. Before I finalize a pool cleaning service near me, I always look for certain procedures. Here am discussing these with you, so that you also make the best choice. 

A professional pool tile cleaning service Georgia makes more sense than trying it yourself. The process is really tough and tedious and you definitely need someone with expert knowledge and the best restoration products for your pool tile repair. Have a look below to see how professionals restore a pool tile to get some idea before hiring the right contractor.

Services I Expect from a Pool Cleaning Service near me

Pool Tile and GroutCleaning:

The contractor should use a good quality deep-penetrating cleaner for pool tile cleaning, to remove all the stains, etching, mold and mildew from the surface. They should know how to scrub the tile and grout efficiently to remove all the deep-rooted and hidden stains and mold. 

Pool Rail Polishing:

An expert contractor should also clean the rusted stainless steel pool rail. Nobody likes to enter a pool holding a rusted and dirty pool rail. Pool cleaning is incomplete without removing all the etching, rust and stains from the pool rail. The right pool cleaning service near me should use a heavy-duty stainless steel cleaner for making the pool rail shining and sparkling. We do not want low contractors to use acidic cleaners that may spoil the steel surface.

Restoring Cracked and Stained Grout:

Pool grout repair service is an important part of pool tile restoration that I look for. Grout often goes missing or damaged. I expect my contractors to use high-quality adhesives to repair damaged grout and also to check for cracks in tile. Some adhesives are very bulky, while some are cheap-quality and tend to pop off. I will first check on the kind of adhesives they use to repair the holes and cracks. 

Sealing Grout:

Grout gets stained and dirty because it is very porous. It should be waterproofed to stop the entry of water inside which lead to stains and mold. Grout can be made waterproof by using an epoxy resin grout sealer. I will first ask my contractor to perform a pool grout sealing service Atlanta. I would prefer them to use a quality colored grout sealer, which can be pigmented in more than 40 shades to match your tile. Many contractors are unaware of this essential step. If you do not seal grout before sealing tile, the moisture present inside the porous grout, causes mold breeding. The grout inside the pool needs to be compulsorily sealed separately with dense and titanium-pigmented sealers to prevent further deterioration. 

Waterproof Grout Sealer

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Sealing Pool Tile :

Cleaning pool tile once will not ensure that the stains cannot form again. The only way to avoid this is by sealing the pool tile as well.  I will also check whether my contractors know about the importance of pool tile sealing with epoxy/resin sealers and not water-based sealers. Sealing creates a water-proof layer on the pool tile, thereby preventing water seepage inside the pores and subsequent mold breeding or staining. 

If a professional pool cleaning service near me offers all these procedures using high-quality products, I would hire them immediately. I would recommend you to know about the right methods and procedures to restore pool tile. Only if  you are aware of the right techniques and methods, you can hire the best contractors and restore your pool tile just like new. You can also contact D’Sapone – one of the leading stone and grout restoration service provider companies in the US for their expert pool restorations.