Shower Door Leakage

The Ultimate Guide to Shower Door Leakage

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Is the leakage from your shower doors taking your peace away? Do you often enter your bathrooms to find a pool of water near your shower doors? You may feel what is the point of installing a shower door, when it cannot contain the water splashing inside? Glass shower doors are installed in bathrooms to retain the splashing water from your shower heads or taps inside the shower area and to direct it towards the drain instead of leaking out. But, sometimes, these doors end up leaking. In this article, we shall read about the different reasons for shower door leakage and the right enclosures that can help you fix it.

Possible Reasons for Shower Door Leakage:

  • The gap between the floor and the door is too big and the water leaks out instead of staying inside.
  • The seals attached at the side of the shower doors are not installed properly and are incapable of retaining the water inside.
  • For shower door leakage from frameless doors, the sweep running at the bottom may have worn out, got damaged or gone missing. You need to replace the sweep to stop the leakage.
  • Leakages from a framed shower door may arise due to clogged drain holes. You need to clean the holes with the help of a sharp object like a screwdriver.
  • If the leakage is happening through your frameless shower door, where the two glass panes meet, you need to install a seal. A properly installed seal will prevent the water from escaping out.
  • Sometimes, water may leak even when the hinges are not attached properly. This may have nothing to do with your seal or sweeps and you will only need to tighten the hinges or replace them.

These are the possible reasons for shower door leakage. Below, we have mentioned some tips on how you can reduce this leakage.

Tips to Help you Rectify Shower Door Leakage?

  • Ascertain the exact location and reason for your shower door leakage:

It is important to find out from where the leakage is happening. For vertical door leakage issues, probably, you need to replace the side seal. For leakages at the bottom, you can easily rectify using a seal, sweep or drip rail. If your shower door is leaking at the door opening or at the metal track that is bolted to the glass, you can find a suitable seal. The leak could be ignorable at first, but if you leave it, it could lead to glass etching, or mold development.

  • Find the exact shower glass enclosures required:

It is best to call a plumber to add a temporary seal to the leakage area to see if it closes or not. If the leakage stops, then you know for sure what kind of seal to put.

  • Never compromise on the quality of the shower door enclosures:

Always go for high-quality shower door enclosures. Your contractor might suggest you to replace  your entire shower glass door, but a better solution would be to look for the right kind of enclosure. pFOkUS has a huge variety of shower door enclosures that are manufactured with high-quality products. 

But if you have got confused about frameless and framed shower doors, then let us begin from the start.

What are Framed Shower Doors?

Glass enclosures

Framed shower doors are engineered with a metal frame around the entire edge of the door and a drip rail at the bottom. These also end up leaking if the framed door seals or drip rails need replacement.

Framed Shower Door Seals from pFOkUS:

Our framed door seals are engineered from high-quality rubber, polycarbonate or vinyl material. Each door is different and hence has a different seal length and type requirement. We have a wide array of shower door seals for framed glass doors. Our seals are very light and thin and are designed using a flexible material. To be sure about the exact and precise measurement of our shower door seal, you can refer to our measuring guide to first know the exact dimensions of your glass. Most of these doors run 36” or less in length. We mostly offer pre-taped seals so that our customers can easily attach these to their doors. If you would like to fix the seal yourself, you can also buy our double-sided tape sold separately.

There are 7 varieties of shower door seals for framed doors. Each are of different size and style. You can send pictures of your door if you are confused about the seal type. You can later cut the excess seal length using sharp scissors. These are priced at $16.95 each.

Framed Door Seals:

  • DS9397:
  • DS8211:
  • DS8228:
  • DS8184 :
  • DS8229 :
  • DS8227 :
  • DS8230 :

Drip Rails from pFOkUS:

A good drip rail is an essential glass enclosure necessary to stop the running water down the length of the glass and then escaping outside. Our range of high-quality framed shower door drip rails help in retaining the leaking water and also pushing it towards the drain, hence preventing leakage outside. pFOkUS manufactures a huge range of drip rails that come with built-in seals at the bottom and a long gutter to direct the flowing water towards the gutter inside. We make our drip rails from thick aluminum metal in a variety of sizes, colors, finishes and lengths. pFOkUS uses the latest machinery and tools to design these enclosures.

Our drip rails are either 32 inches or 36 inches in length. It is available in a lot of finishes. You can get them in different finishes to match your interior decor pattern. If you are confused, you can send the picture of your shower glass door to our professionals who will assist you with the right kind of drip rail and seal. Our Brush Nickel variety is not powder coated, but all the others are.  These are all pre-taped so that they can easily adhere to your surface. All you need to do is to drill the aluminum. You can also use screws if you need, but that is not a compulsion. You may also need a hex saw to cut the aluminum of our drip rails to make them match your door length. 

 Different Colors of our Drip Rails:

  • DS203 Chrome
  • DS203 Brush Nickel
  • DS203 Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • DS203 Gold

What is a Frameless Shower Door?

Frameless shower doors are glass doors made without any aluminum or metal frame. These look absolutely clear, transparent and elegant. But a frameless glass shower door might start leaking if the frameless seals or sweeps need replacement.

Frameless Shower Door Seals from pFOkUS:

We use vinyl, polycarbonate or rubber to design our frameless door seals. pFOkUS manufactures 12 varieties of seals. You can find various kinds of seals such as pre-taped ones and regular ones. All the 12 seals are different from each other in regards to their material, design, width, length and the way they can be installed. 

shower door leakage

 Different Frameless Seal Products are Described Below:

  • DS100
  • DS108
  • DS 107
  • DS9397
  • DS9001
  • DS 105
  • DS 104
  • DS 9010
  • DS 101
  • DS 9000

Some Important Tips While Installing our Frameless Shower Door Seals to Stop Shower Door Leakage:

  •  Most of the time, you can fix our seals without the use of any adhesives. All you need to do is to measure the height of the door and then cut your seal accordingly.
  • Generally, we sell pre-taped varieties of seals
  • It is a good idea to buy pFOkUS wipe separately to clean your door before installing the seal, drip rail or sweep.

Shower Door Sweeps from pFOkUS:

Shower Door Sweeps from pFOkUS

It is often tough to keep a shower dry. You install the best qualities of shower glass doors to keep your bathrooms as dry as possible. The best way to stop flowing water is to install the right kind of seal or sweep that can direct all the leaking water towards the gutter inside. There are many kinds of sweeps available and you can choose one most suitable as per the requirement. We use the best quality polycarbonate material to make our sweeps.

These come with a seamless look and have a powerful grip that easily pushes on to the door. Our sweeps are very functional and come with impressive designs. Once you put the sweeps, you need not wash water outside your shower daily. You will notice a dry bathroom always even after using the shower.

Our Range of Shower Door Sweeps:

  • DS9371-1 
  • DS9371
  • DS102 
  • DS9372
  • DS9381
  • DS9382
  • DS32225

How to Measure Glass?

Most glass thicknesses range from ⅜”, ¼”. 5/16: and ½ inches. Our glass doors have a tapered edge. If you want to measure your glass door precisely, you should start measuring the farthest corners on both the sides of the glass. Most measuring tapes have a metal clip attached at the bottom. It is best to measure from the 1” or 2” inches and then subtract accordingly. The most popular size of glass is ⅜”. 

pFOkUS Shower Door Thresholds:

Shower Door Threshold

We also manufacture aluminum thresholds. Sometimes, when the gaps between the shower door and the floor are too large, a sweep, seal or drip rail is not enough. You need a shower door threshold to cover the gap. We only use high-quality aluminum to make our door thresholds. This glass enclosure easily covers the large gap without looking too bulky or without making your compromise on the functionality. 

pFOkUS Range of Door Thresholds:

  • DS201
  • DS202

Both thresholds are available in various finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze, white, brush nickel, gold, or chrome. You can easily match them with your bathroom interiors. These are powder coated and hence longer lasting. You can get these in 32, 36 and 98 inches. They can last upto 20 years as we use a very high-quality aluminum for these.

Having a good idea of all our shower door enclosures can help you stop your shower door leakage in the ideal way. Read the information about our different products suitable for different leakage needs and different kinds of doors.

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