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Simple Hacks for a Modern Woman who has to take Care of the Kitchen and her Children

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Okay, so we have come really far far away from the ancient notion of women looking after the house while men go off to work. Women of the 21st century run shoulder to shoulder with men in every field possible. And while this concept did manage to sink in the minds of the elder generation and we thought that all was going well and that we were following the western tradition successfully, came some mind-blowing confessions from the women genre about how this dual responsibility had taken a toll on their careers, relationships, kids and foremost-their health. Women were shockingly and quite insensitively made to manage the dual responsibilities alone without a single bit of help from their male spouses!

Next what followed was a whole lot of feel good ads and messages circulating in the media about how some men were helping their wives or partners equally in running the household and taking care of the kitchen. While a mere 20% did understand and sincerely did share the responsibilities with their female partners, there are still some unlucky 80% women who have to manage it both and do it well.

Well, no point cribbing or fighting over it, guess that’s why we modern women have been blessed with so much courage and perfectionism that we can take charge of work and kitchen perfectly well!

The following are a few listicles which will help the modern women of today to take charge of the kitchen and work quite efficiently:


If you manage to remove an hour’s time every weekend over your next week’s kitchen menu and the stock, you are sorted for the entire week. After all, how much time does it take to cook up your son’s favorite rajma for tiffin if you already have pre-soaked rajma and some tomato gravy lying in the freezer? Make sure you have enough vegetables, fruits and health food stocked in your kitchen every weekend so that you don’t end up cooking maggi most of the time. Being a modern woman, you do know about the significance of healthy food and let not your busy schedule ruin the health of your family. A properly balanced menu for the week makes you avoid junk food.


Remember, you are not a super-woman who can juggle up work, kids, cooking and cleaning all by yourself. A part-timer or a full-timer house help is one of the biggest blessings of modern working women. And then you will be doing a noble job of giving employment to the needy.

Simple Hacks for a Modern Woman

Take the liberty of dividing at least some responsibilities with your house:

Okay, so your spouse doesn’t like to help you in the kitchen but at least, he can chauffer the kids to the school, classes and see to your grocery shopping, bills and other jobs in the house. Divide some jobs equally between both of you (Remember to give him things he likes to do to avoid unnecessary arguments).

Don’t spoon-feed your children: 

Modern women don’t spoon feed their children. The children know how to get their uniforms ready, pack their own bags, keep their plates in the sink and to clean their own room.

Lastly, if you manage to get about even 80% right from the above list, remember you have conquered the world! Let go of that guilt and your idea of perfection. It’s okay, if the house is in a mess some days and it’s perfectly okay if the house is dirty once in a week. Learn to enjoy life too because if stress takes over your happy persona, you might have to lose out on a lot!

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