Top 7 Best Shower Door Sweeps

Top 7 Best Shower Door Sweeps || Door Leakage Replacement

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Shower door leakage is a common problem faced by many of you. The basic purpose of installing a shower door is to prevent water splashes to wet your entire bathroom. but , this purpose is not solved when the glass doors start leaking. Shower door sweep home depot is a common solution that comes to your mind when you want to fix your leakage. But, you can check and compare the products available in other websites also.

Common Solutions for Door Leakage Replacement:

People buy shower door seals, sweeps or such other glass door enclosures from popular online ecommerce portals like Home depot, Amazon, Walmart or Lowe’s. But did you ever cross check the rates at which these products are being sold there? Shower door sweep home depot and shower door sweep lowe’s are definitely high quality products available online easily, but you can also find other economical products at better rates.

Let us do the math here. Many ecommerce portals avail these products from various retailers, whole-salers and manufacturers. They then add their own profit margins and taxes to these products to sell them at their portal. You end up paying nearly double the cost price of these products. For example, if a shower door sweep costs around $25, you can find the same at $35 at such portals. This amount is inclusive of taxes of the manufacturing company and these ecommerce sites as well. Wouldn’t it be better if you purchased your shower door enclosures directly from a wholesaler and manufacturer?

Shower Door Sweeps pFOkUS:

pFOkUS is one of the leading shower door enclosures manufacturing companies in the US. Not only shower door enclosures, you can find several other products including framed and frameless shower door seals, framed shower door sweeps, shower door thresholds, and shower door sweep replacement parts. 

Top 7 Best Shower Door Sweeps

The quality of their products is A-one as they manufacture them after years of research in the laboratories and personal experiences. Their product quality is so good that even D’Sapone – one of the leading glass, tile and grout restoration companies recommends their products for their services. So, stop looking for a shower door sweep Amazon or shower door sweep home depot, or in any other ecommerce portal as you will end up paying more.

Information on Shower Door Sweeps from pFOkUS:

Frameless shower door sweeps retain the water inside the shower and prevent it from leaking outside. They change the direction of the leaking water towards the shower drain. The sweeps are manufactured from a clear polycarbonate material, which gives them an ideal clarity. The sweeps have a strong grip and can prevent leaks easily. It is quite convenient to push them on the bottom of the shower door. Our frameless shower door sweeps are very useful in keeping your showers dry.  

Shower Door Sweeps Usage:

Shower door sweeps help in covering the gap between your shower door and the ground. These are used for frameless shower doors. These come with drip rails that help to prevent the leaking water outside the door and instead, redirecting it towards the drain. You can easily install our sweeps at the bottom of your door as they are made with a latch-on technology.

If you are looking for a frameless shower door sweep replacement, you need to first measure the length of your door and pick your sweep according to your door type. Here we have mentioned the installing instructions below.

Installing Instructions:

To install the frameless shower door sweeps, follow the steps given below:

  • Measure the length of your shower door.
  • Select a frameless shower door sweep according to the bottom length of your door.
  • Find the one closest to your size.
  • Push the sweep to the edge of the door. You can trim it using scissors if you find the length of the fin a bit extra.
  • These come in pre-taped and untaped versions and you will need a tape to stick the untaped ones to the door.

Types of Shower Door Sweeps from pFOkUS:

Shower Door Sweeps pFOkUS

1. Frameless Door Sweeps DS9731:

A very popular sweep from our product range, the DS 9731 is an easy to install and low-maintenance sweep. You can get this one in various sizes including 32”, 36” and 98”. This sweep can fit glass of various thickness such as 8, 10 and 12 mm. You also get a replaceable T-fin insert with this one. The T-shaped seal insert can be replaced if you need.

2. Frameless Sweep 9372:

DS9372 is available in three sizes – 32”, 36” and 98”. It is best suited for glass of thickness 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm. This sweep deflects the water cascading down quite efficiently. It seals the shower glass door from underneath, thereby preventing any leaks.

3. Frameless Sweep DS102:

For those who want to seal the shower glass gap, DS102 sweep is available in 32” and 36” lengths. This one is perfect for sealing the gap between your shower door and glass panel. This one is best installed using the pre-taped seal, as you can just push it easily. The soft fin on this sweep flows easily when you open or close the door.

4. Frameless Sweep DS9731-1:

DS9371 – 1 is also a popular sweep. This design is quite large and it easily fits under the shower door, while shutting all the gaps. The sweep closes the gaps and prevents the water to flow outside. It is available in two sizes – 32” and 36”. It is best used for glasses of thickness 8 mm and 10 mm. You might have to cut this sweep as it comes in many sizes. It can be easily cut with scissors if you feel the fin is longer than required. The sweep can be easily fitted without needing any tools. You have to just push it on the bottom of the door.

5. Frameless Door Sweep DS9381:

Available in various sizes including 36”, 98” and 32”, this shower door sweep can fit on any glass of thickness ranging from 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm. This one attaches brilliantly to your shower door to fix the gap between the door and the glass panel. You need a tape to fix it to the door side. This sweep is one of the best designs in our product range as a bottom shower door seal.

6. Frameless shower door Sweep DS9382:

DS9382 door sweep is available in sizes – 32”, 36” and 98”. It is best suited for glasses of thickness 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm. This one is a great design that easily attaches to the shower door. It seals the door from below and deflects water towards the shower drain, thereby preventing leaks.

7. Glass door SweepDS32225:

The DS 32225 is our very first sweep design. This one comes with a flexible seal that is molded to its bottom. It is also very durable. You can install it easily using a simple push-on mechanism. You don’t need a tape with this one. It is ideal for glass of length – 10 mm and 12 mm. In case you are facing water leakage from the bottom of your shower door, this sweep is ideal as it holds on to the door and the soft vinyl wipes the ground surface as you open the door. 

So, widen your search, while looking for shower door sweep home depot, also glance at the ones offered by pfokus. Here you will get a better deal with the prices, a wider range of shower door sweeps and also some expert advice on the size and installations.

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