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The A to Z Guide of Vinyl Composite Tile Floor

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You can drastically change the look of your interiors with impressive flooring. People generally invest in their floorings and walls when getting a new office or house constructed. These things, when done well, can last for a lifetime. Furnishings and furniture can be changed later on, but this civil work cannot be done repeatedly. If you have been skeptical about installing a VCT flooring, then do read this complete Vinyl Tile Floor review

Different Types of Flooring:

There is a huge array of tile and stones available on the market and one has plenty of choices for their floorings.Natural stone such as granite, slate, marble and travertine are common choices, but they require maintenance. If you want absolutely low maintenance flooring, you can opt for vinyl flooring which are very easy to maintain and are also anti-slip.  Vinyl flooring is available in various designs and prints and makes it easy to install.

What is Vinyl Composite Tile?

What is Vinyl Composite Tile

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VCT is manufactured with a very thin wax coat that is given in the end to protect it against minor abrasions during installation or shipping. VCT is made from a mixture of natural limestone, thermoplastic binder, color pigments and filler materials. It is made by fusing chips of these materials into solid sheets and then cutting them into tile. VCT additionally requires a layer of polish to protect their porous surface.

In What Form is VCT Available?

VCT is available in a roll or VCT sheet form. A vinyl roll is a fibreglass-cushion-backed flooring that is available in large, continuous flexible sheets in varied styles and patterns. You can get these in timeless and realistic designs to some very playful patterns. Vinyl rolls are affordable flooring solutions. These are 100% phthalate-free and also have low VOC emissions.

Impressive Features of the Vinyl Composite Tile:


A home flooring looks good only when the designs and patterns have been set in a homogenous pattern. There are many natural stone tile options with different prints and patterns. These, when laid together do not give a homogenous effect, but with a homogenous vinyl composite tile flooring, you can have that synchrony and similarity in the prints and designs.

A non-homogenous flooring might look good in homes with large halls or large floorings, but for small homes, a homogenous flooring is always better.

Anti Static Flooring:

Industries which have heavy machinery face the issues of machinery damage due to the static electricity generated from stone or ceramic floor tile. When you install anti-static flooring in such industries, you can prevent the damage of costly machinery as vinyl flooring does not generate static electricity. There is a great demand for VCT floorings in big industries.

Impressive Features of the Vinyl Composite Tile

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These are available in diverse prints, designs and textures as well. They are easy to install over your existing flooring as well, without resulting in any damage, dirt or debris. These products have brought a lot of benefits in industries which constantly faced problems with their machineries getting spoilt. Anti-static flooring has brought in a lot of options to those who want to change their flooring but do not have the time, money or space for proper civil work.


Vinyl floor tiles are easy to install and also are less time consuming. These get quickly laid over the existing tile floor and you will not need to cover up your wardrobes or any other furniture as there is not dust or dirt. They make the entire flooring surface look uniform. Experts have the proper skill to cut them and match them to the residential vinyl composite tile flooring as per its design and then install them on the floor. If you try to do it yourself, you might ruin the sheet by cutting it in the wrong way.

It is however, recommended to hire experts to install the flooring in your residential or commercial complexes, as you need a basic skill to match the prints and lay the flooring neatly.


Vinyl flooring is highly durable. If you have polished and protected your porous floor tile properly, it can last for really long. You also need to ensure that it is a high-quality VCT and has been installed properly for it to last long. VCT floor cleaning is quite easy as they are dust and moisture-resistant.


Another major feature of vinyl flooring is that they are anti-slip. Children running about in the school or playing sports in sports complexes need not fear of slipping on these surfaces. They are also safe for aged people walking about in your house or hospitals too.

Provide Warmth:

These surfaces radiate warmth. They do not cold like stone tile floors in cold weather. These are preferred in areas with cold weather conditions as they keep the floorings warm.

Water Proof:

All vinyl floor tile are waterproof as they are made primarily of PVC. But, it also depends upon the quality of installation. As VCT is available in rolled sheet form, they are in continuous design patterns and do not have any seams. Hence, there is no possibility of water-absorption from the seams.

Diverse Designs and Patterns:

Most floor tile are available in restricted patterns and designs, while in VCT floor, you can choose from endless designs, patterns and color options. This feature makes them a hit for themed interior decor. You have innumerable vinyl floor ideas to decorate your rooms.


VCT flooring is a highly affordable flooring option along with being sustainable. You will find no hassles in cleaning or maintaining them.

Who Prefers VCT Floor Tile and Why?

Who Prefers VCT Floor Tile and why

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Vinyl floor tile can be installed in any room at home, schools, sports complexes and industries that do not have heavy machinery. This floor tile can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens as well because of its water-resistant quality. It is also a good option for bedrooms and living rooms. Locker rooms should have a heterogeneous vinyl flooring layer as they are small. You can use clear transparent PVC vinyl flooring without any added fillers, so that you get maximum wear and tear resistance. When you use VCT in locker rooms, this flooring will remain resistant to wear and tear for long and therefore retain their original patterns and designs. 

Badminton court flooring similarly, has to be quite thick for allowing maximum sturdiness and longevity.  Badminton court floorings made of vinyl offer high resistance to players running around and stamping their feet with full force. Hospitality flooring similarly, has to be quite thick for allowing maximum sturdiness and longevity.  The flooring in restaurants and hotels needs to be bright, vibrant, pleasing, stylish and should have plenty of choices to choose from depending upon the interior of the area. Vinyl floorings for the hospitality sector are available in many choices and so one can choose from a variety of choices.

These floorings showcase a glass fiber lustre that oozes of dimensional stability. You can use this tile in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. These are quite safe to use and are also anti-slip and hence prevent accidents. These also have low toxicity and are flame-resistant. 

This flooring should not be installed in rooms with heavy objects, as they can easily get punctured with the sharp objects. This floor tile cannot bear high temperatures and has a tendency to fade or get discolored with heavy UV exposure. It is not recommended in rooms with too much exposure to direct sunlight such as verandas.

What is the Price of Vinyl Composite Floor Tile?

Vinyl tile price differs from country to country. The price of this tile in countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Canada ranges $5.50 to $6.50 psf. The price of this tile in India Rs. 55 psf. The installation charges differ in different countries as well. In some countries, the price of the tile is inclusive of the installation. Expect to pay anywhere between $1 to $2 per square feet for installation.

Difference Between VCT and LVT:

  • VCT is vinyl composite tile while LVT is luxury vinyl tile. The design versatility of LVT is endless, while VCT has limited design options and pattern choices. 
  • The initial material cost for VCt is less, but you may have to spend a bit more on its maintenance. The initial material cost for LVT is more, but it is cheaper in maintenance for longterm.
  • LVT is a hard surface flooring material made of 100% vinyl, and hence it has more strength, better color film layer and a stronger protective wear layer. VCT is a porous flooring option made up of a small amount of vinyl with limestone and other filler materials and hence is not as strong as LVT.
  • LVT is more versatile, durable and has endless design options as compared to VCT.
  • LVT can have embossed design options, while VCT cannot. 
  • LVT is easier to clean and maintain and withstands high traffic well, whereas VCT requires routine VCT polishing for protection.
  • LVT can be used in the commercial industrial sector with high traffic areas, while VCT is more preferred in sports complexes, schools, hospitals and other healthcare applications.

Laminate Floor Cleaning and Sealing

Vinyl Composite Tile Maintenance:

You need to get your VCT floor deep-cleaned with a VCT approved tile cleaner. Next, you need to get it polished regularly to maintain its beauty and lustre. Some companies offer services for coating the VCT floor with special surface treatments that make your tile resistant to scratches, stains and moisture. After sealing VCT, you will find it easier to clean and maintain.

Vinyl Floor Cleaners:

You can clean the VCT floor with apple cider vinegar. The acid content makes it easy to clean the grime and oily buildup, without leaving a build up of wax or soap. Simply mix a cup of apple cider vinegar in a bucket of hot water. Use a damp mop to first spread this solution on your floor tile. For extra washing power, you can mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid into this solution of hot water and apple cider vinegar.

This is all you needed to know about vinyl composite tile flooring. 

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