Water Purifier A Revolutionary Invention by Human‘s

Water Purifier: A Revolutionary Invention by Human‘s

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The auspicious gift of water to human civilization by this Mother Nature is getting eroded and polluted every day. In the last few decades, we have now learned this fact and are trying to rectify the mistakes made by us in the past. We have reduced the exploitation of the limited water resources we have and moved toward efficient utilization and recycling of water for multiple uses. Water purification is one important step in this whole effort. We, as humans, have learned the concept of filtering the water much earlier, but our ways were primitive. With time and with improvement in science and technology, now we have modern-day water purification methods that are highly effective. We can now get pure drinking water from these water purifiers, which are more 99% pure and free of any toxins or pathogens. In this article, let’s learn more about water purifier and Water Purifier Service in a city like Jaipur.

Why is a water purifier necessary?

Jaipur is famous for its historical importance, forts, and heritage. It is one of India’s most visited tourist spots. Being home to more than 3 million people, Jaipur, just like any other big Indian city, is very congested with stressed civic amenities. Which means things like water supply with proper hygiene at every corner of the city is challenging. Thus it becomes more important for families who can afford to have water purifiers because drinking water directly impacts health. Since Jaipur is also home to a big middle-class population, like other cities, it has seen increased consumerism over a few decades. One can find all major consumer brands in Jaipur. As far as water purifiers are concerned, one can easily find brand showrooms of manufacturers like Kent if they only search Kent RO Jaipur on the internet.

The water purifier that suits your need:

Let’s now take our discussion towards the type of water purifiers available and which one suits your requirement. Water purifiers have come a long way where initially, simple cotton cloths or coal was used to absorb or stop unwanted suspended particles. Some coagulating agents were used from time to time to create a sedimentation effect so that unwanted things settle at the bottom. With time new technologies have evolved, RO and UV technologies are some such principles on which modern-day water purifier’s work. RO or reverse osmosis works on the principle of pushing water with extreme pressure over a semi-permeable membrane. This separates water from all impurities, which are even a few macrons long. UV technique, on the other hand, uses ultraviolet radiations to disinfect the water from all kinds of pathogens and make it germ-free.

So before you jump to conclusions on which type of water purifier you should buy, please consider doing some homework? Know about the tap water quality and what kind of filter does most of your neighbors use. You can even visit the local shop where water purifiers are sold to get an idea. Now you need to decide the brand, model, and your budget. Once you are sure which famous brands you want, say Kent, then you can search on the internet saying Kent Water Purifier Jaipur. You will be returned with all the brand and model information with prices. You can narrow down to your model here.

After-sales service is the real deal for water purifiers:

Water purifiers need regular maintenance; they are not buying and forgetting items. So you should be aware of the post-sales service experience of the brand as well before committing to it. Since water purifier has many moving parts or filters which need replacement after a while. Also, they need regular cleaning. Service engineers should be called regularly every quarter for maintenance. All of these services and replacements will come with a cost. To minimize the untimely burden, companies offer AMC packages. In the AMC package, the end-user has to pay a lump sum amount in return of a year or two years of free service and free replacements of the filter.

To research all these aspects, we need to look for service centers of the brand in your locality or nearby. You can search for the same on the internet as well. There is a chance that such service centers may not entertain a future customer. For that, you can look for Kent Customer Care numbers and call them to get all the details.


Thus we can conclude by saying that water purifiers are very important for us, especially those living in urban areas with poor water supply infrastructure. If you can afford it, then you should buy a reliable water purifier because, ultimately, it for you and your family’s health.