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What do you Know About Pools

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Have you ever wondered what is so exciting about a pit of clear blue water in your home? The very sight of a sparkling pool excites us. It boasts of fun, laughter, good times, exercise and relaxation too. Having a pool at home is fun, but it does come with a whole lot of Pool service maintenance issues. So, if you love having your personal swimming pool at home, you must also know a bit about pools to help you maintain it better.

What you Need to Know about Pools?

  • Pools need regular cleaning
  • Pools need maintenance even after deep cleaning and sealing
  • You need to maintain the surface of the pool tile and grout
  • You also need to maintain the water

If all these responsibilities of maintaining a pool overwhelm you, you can hire experts from a pool cleaning and restoring service provider. One such company is D’Sapone – a leading restoration service company. If you want to clean, maintain and restore your pool yourself, you need to buy the right products to give you the best results. You can buy products from pFOkUS – one of the leading restoration products manufacturing companies in the US. In this blog, we shall discuss how an expert restorator cleans, maintains and seals a pool. We shall also discuss the products they use, so that you have an idea about what products to buy for a DIY cleaning process.

Know About Pool Restoration Procedure:

Pool Water Cleaning:

To clean the pool water on your own, you can buy a few equipment that helps you collect the dirt and dried leaves from the water regularly. You can also add a little chlorine to the water that kills germs inside the water. A water filtration system will also continuously clean the water in the pool. If you are calling experts for cleaning your pool, they will first drain the water and then clean the pool tile surface as explained below.

Pool Tile Cleaning:

Experts use a robust and high-quality deep-penetrating cleaner for cleaning the pool tile, which removes all the stains, etching, mold and mildew from the surface, while also delivering an incredible sheen and cleanliness. An efficient cleaner does not cause etching on the surface.

You can try using Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS, which is a powerful deep-penetrating cleaner and can easily remove all the mold and mildew from the porous tile and grout.

Pool Rail Polishing:

The pool rail is made from stainless steel and often gets corroded or rusted. It also gets dirty and hence needs to be cleaned properly. Everyone uses a pool rail to enter the pool and no one likes to touch a dirty rail. Experts also clean this rail with a robust cleaner that restores its shine and cleanliness.

Repairing Cracks and Holes in Pool Tile:

 An important part of pool tile repair is filling in the cracks and holes in the pool tile. It is recommended to use a solvent based flexible epoxy/resin adhesive, which performs a seamless repair job and delivers a natural look with its sleek appearance.

If you find any problems in your grout, you can repair it with Sentura – a powerful adhesive from pFOkUS. It easily repairs cracks in tile and grout and gives  you a seamless surface. 

Sealing Grout:

Pool grout sealing is an important part of pool tile restoration. Grout is made of cement and sand and hence has the tendency to absorb water into its porous structure.. It should be waterproofed to stop the entry of liquids, causing stains and mold. A high-quality epoxy resin sealer can make the grout water resistant.. Experts use the latest grout sealer, which can be pigmented in more than 40 shades to match your tile surface.

You can try sealing your grout with Caponi – a colored grout sealer that efficiently seals the grout in a desired shade.

How to Prevent Further Problems on your Pool Tile?

Once the tile has been cleaned, it should be sealed to prevent further staining or mold formation. Only a high-quality sealer can protect and preserve the cleanliness of a tile once it has been deep cleaned. 

Sealing Pool Tile :

Most of your pool tile problems can be avoided by sealing the tile after cleaning. By sealing, the pores of the tile are shut permanently and a protective layer is formed on the stone. On using a good quality clear topical based sealer, a hydrophobic surface is delivered on the stone, while also making the tile waterproof. Sealing also imparts a slight sheen making your pool tile look like new again.

 You can try using Celine from pFOkUS. Even experts from D’Sapone use Celine to seal natural stone pool tile.

Cleaning Regularly with Maintenance Cleaners:

Once the pool tile is cleaned and sealed efficiently, regular cleaning can keep the stains and dirt from accumulating on the surface. A good maintenance cleaner can make weekly cleaning easy and effortless.

You can buy Valore Maintenance and Imperia Maintenance for cleaning and maintaining pool tile and grout once they have been deep-cleaned and sealed.

This way, if you perform a pool surface cleaning and pool water cleaning, you can maintain your pools for long. You can, alternatively, call experts from D’Sapone to clean and restore your pool for you. 

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