Water Damage Restoration Contractor

What Does A Water Damage Restoration Contractor Do?

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Water damage can ruin the costliest tile surfaces and ruin the look of your interiors. You might not pay attention to water leaking in negligible quantities from your taps, pipes or shower doors. But, in the long run, these water damage collectively ruins the countertops, showers and floorings. Even if the water is not hard, stagnant water on any surface leads to its deterioration. Water damage, if small, can be rectified in an easy DIY method using pFOkUS products. But, if the water damage is large, like water leaking in great quantities from a tank, then you might need to call a water damage restoration contractor.

How to Fix Small Water Damages?

Small water damages are damages caused by small amounts of water splashing on the surface, leaking on a surface or water lying stagnant on a surface. If the water is hard, it can lead to hard water deposits like calcium and mineral deposits that result in a rough, whitish appearance. Eventually, neglected hard water stains can etch a tile surface. 

  • Water Damage due to water leaking from shower doors:

This can be fixed by using sweeps, seals or thresholds from pFOkUS. Ascertain the kind of framed or frameless shower doors installed and choose the right size and type of shower door enclosures to fix the issue.

  • Water Damage due to water splashing on the kitchen countertops:

If you do not have the habit of wiping off water stains splashing on the tile countertop next to your kitchen sink, then these stains might form spots on the tile. If the water is hard, these may result in whitish-looking hard water stains. These can be fixed by first removing the stains by using a hard water stain remover from pFOkUS. Surface cleaning can be done using Imperia Deep Clean or Benaz, and then sealing the surface with a tile sealer such as Celine or Valore Sealer.

  • Water Damage to due water lying stagnant on the floors:

If you tend to neglect water lying stagnant on outer porch areas or less-visited floor areas of a house thinking that the water will dry off, then you must know that this water will leave stains after drying. This can be fixed by first removing these water stains and then sealing the floor tile with Valore Sealer or Celine from pFOkUS. Such tile restoration can be done easily in a DIY way. 

How to Fix Large Water Damages?

Water Damage Restoration Contractor - How to Fix Large Water Damages

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Large-scale water damage generally happens when flood water has leaked in a house or a building. It can also happen when water has seeped in through the walls or tile. Water tank leakages can also ruin the surrounding surfaces.

Water damages on a big scale can be fixed by hiring the services of a water damage restoration contractor. These professionals have access to better equipment and better products to remove large-scale water damages like etching or corrosion.

What does a Water Damage Restoration Contractor do?

  • Water damage restoration contractors first inspect the area to acknowledge the level of damage. 
  • They have tools and equipment to deal with a large amount of flood water. 
  • They use equipment like dehumidifiers or industrial-strength fans to remove moisture from an area after excess water has been removed. 
  • They make arrangements to ventilate the area and get in fresh air. 
  • This step is important to prevent mold formation once the excess water has been cleared out.
  • They also use high-capacity wet vacuum cleaners to suck up all the excess water. 
  • Once they have removed the water, they proceed with carrying out repairs in the area.
  • They may have to take the help of electricians and plumbers in the process, as the wires may be submerged in water and may lead to a shot-circuit. 
  • Moreover, the paneling and wallboard and items made from wood might have to be completely removed. They may use a carpenter’s help for these tasks.  
  • If the water was contaminated, they will take steps to sanitize and clean the area thoroughly. 
  • After cleaning, they may offer solutions to repair cracks in tile, walls and grout. 
  • Lastly, they seal these areas to prevent further water damage.

What does a Water Damage Restoration Contractor do

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Are Water Damage Restoration Contractors the Same as Surface Restoration Contractors?

You cannot hire a surface restoration contractor for large-scale water damages. A water damage restoration contractor generally has a team of painters, masons, carpenters, electricians and plumbers who work as a team to fix an area that has been severely damaged due to water. Surface restoration contractors only may work on fixed surfaces like tile, wood, glass or grout to restore them.