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What floor cleaner is good to remove oily residues and soap stains from bathroom tiles?

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Oily residue and soap stains are a common occurrence in bathroom tiles. Along with these stains, soap scum, etch marks from acidic spills and mold also end up ruining the aesthetics of your bathroom surfaces. You need a good cleaner that can easily eradicate these germs and stains and render a sparkling clean and thoroughly sanitized bathroom. A good cleaner should be one that does not require much time and effort and also guarantees not to spoil the natural lustre of your tile. One such cleaner is the Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS.

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What is Unique about Imperia Deep Clean?

  • Imperia Deep Clean is an alkaline-base cleaner that does not damage your tile by causing etching marks. There are many acidic cleaners available on the market that cause etch marks and render your tile dry and rough. This alkaline cleaner is gentle on the surface and rough on the stains.
  • Another great quality about this cleaner is that it is deep-penetrative. If you have installed natural stone tile in your bathrooms, you might be aware of the porosity factor of these surfaces. As they have a tendency of absorbing water and moisture into their pores, they provide excellent breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Furthermore, liquid penetrates deeper inside, leading to dense stains at the root level. This product has a unique deep-penetrative cleaning action through which it enters the pores of these surfaces and eliminates all traces of mold and stains from the root.
  • This cleaner gives you a sparkling and thoroughly sanitized surface easily without causing much cleaning efforts or time.
  • Not only for tile, this cleaner is highly effective for cleaning grout too. Grout is the cement and sand mix filled in between two tiles to join them. This grout is porous just like natural stone. It also has the tendency to absorb water and lead to mold and mildew breeding. It also gets stained and dirty rather quickly. When you use this cleaner to clean your tile, you should also pour it over the grout and use the brush to scrub the grout as well.


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Why should you Buy Imperia Deep Clean?

  • This cleaner is very economical. It is available in a concentrated solution that can be diluted upto 1 gallon. This makes it convenient to use one time for overall and thorough cleaning of one or more bathrooms.
  • It is best used with a tile and grout cleaning brush that makes it easy for you to scrub and loosen the bonds of the germs and mold.
  • It helps you reduce your inventory products, as with just one product, you can clean all your stone, tile and grout surfaces and ensure a hygienic and thoroughly sanitized surface. 

Many people use home remedies for cleaning bathrooms such as vinegar and baking soda, lemon and other such products. But, all these products do not give immaculate results and also do not deliver a sheen. Another problem with using vinegar and lime is that they are acidic and might leave etching marks. Imperia Deep Clean is the safest and best solution for cleaning soap stains and oily residues from bathrooms. Just one product can help you maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your surfaces for long.

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