Why should we not Share the same Bathroom

Why should we not Share the same Bathroom?

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If given a chance, most couples would prefer to have separate bathrooms. The reasons are many but the most obvious one is that one partner does not like the other’s cleanliness standards. Often, to share the same bathroom is the cause of fights between many couples

The other reason can be the same dressing up time for office. This is a major problem in the mornings when spouses have to get ready and reach the office at the same time. Sharing the same bathroom can also lead to germs spreading easily. One spouse may not bother keeping the toilet seat closed or clean, while the other may be too finicky about this issue. This often leads to arguments between couples. Another reason may be with kids around. Kids are too young to be trained to use the bathroom properly, and you may hate getting ready in a dirty bathroom.

The reasons are too many and what may be the major cause of concern for one spouse may not be a thing at all for another. When buying a new house or renovating a house, it is always recommendable to arrange for separate bathrooms for spouses. This helps them see the best in each other, cut down on morning havoc and less fights. With kids around, having a separate kid’s bathroom attached to their room makes a lot of sense.

If you do not have the opportunity, money or space to arrange for another bathroom for your spouse and yet often end up fighting with each other on sharing, here are some tips that can be helpful:

Separate Towel Hooks, Organizers or Drawers:

This is a convenient option. You can always get cheap towel hooks, organizers or storage boxes in a bathroom for both the spouses separately. This way, you can always have your clean and not meddle with your spouse’s stuff. Also, if you are not that particular about arranging every toiletry in a particular way and your spouse is, having separate kits or organizers makes life so much easier.

Do not Fuss about the Toilet Seat or the Hygiene Standards:

It is definitely not worth fussing about the toilet seat and there are many more problems in life to deal with. Apart from the toilet seat, if you find your spouse not putting in any effort in keeping the floor clean, do it yourself. Use a good hygienic cleaner for proper maintenance of your surface. Remember you are doing it for your satisfaction. Make it a part of your weekly routine without bothering your spouse to do it for you.

Keep Separate Timing Slots:

Adjust your routine according to your spouses. Even if both of you have to get up and get ready for the office at the same time, you can consider waking up 15 minutes before your spouse and use the bathroom. This way, you also get the privilege of using a clean bathroom. You also do not have to hurry up at the end to get ready on time. You save a lot of time this way and end up having a great morning every day.

Invest in Extra Storage for the Bathroom:

Investing in extra storage for the bathrooms definitely helps your maintenance too. You can have separate organizers for both men and women. This way, you also keep the toiletries off the counter and do not have to worry about spoiling them, wetting them or missing them.

So, stop fussing if you have to share the same bathroom. There are many solutions that can help you keep  up with your cleanliness standards without making a fuss.

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