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Air Conditioners And Its Maintenance

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Air conditioners, especially in summers, offer the much-needed respite from the brutal heat and humidity. In a tropical country like India, most of its planes see an extensive summer season spanning from April to September. In this season, the weather varies from scorching sun and heat waves to highly humid weather. This is the reason why India has seen a surge in sales of AC in the past few decades. Due to the rising income of the middle class, most of the urban families have ACs nowadays. Since it’s a big market, AC manufacturers from all over the world have their manufacturing units here. O General is no different than others and is among one the leading AC manufacturers in the country. O General AC’s are also exported to other countries from India. Since the comfort which Air conditioners provide does come at a cost as well, which is servicing and maintenance. In this article, let’s try and discuss o general ac customer care and post-sales services other than their products.

O General Brand of Air conditioners is owned by Japan’s Fujitsu General limited. In India, they have a joint venture with the ETA-Ascon group with headquarters in Chennai. They are marketed here in India under the name ETA General. O General, just like any other major AC brand, has showrooms and customer care centers across the country in almost all big and small cities. This is important for every brand to have a good customer support base in every corner of the country so that existing customers remain satisfied and always return to them in the future for further purchases. They can also often end up recommending others by sharing their experience.

What to look for while buying an AC:

As a buyer, if you are looking to buy an AC for your home or office and please do some research before jumping to any conclusion. First, decide the budgets you have to allocate for the same and then the type of AC you are looking to buy Window, Split. If it’s for office space, you can think of centralized AC systems with humidity controlling mechanisms, so all of it depends on the type of requirement you have. Once that is decided, you can go over the brand and model options available at your behest. While considering the brand, do keep in mind the after-sales services. AC is a maintenance hungry product. You need regular maintenance perfumed by experienced service engineers from time to time. In case of any malfunctioning also these engineers are our only genuine saviors.

AC Installation Feel Less Expensive in Homes - 10 minutes for mom

Why is after-sales service important?

To explore the post-sales service experience, please do some research on the internet and know about their service centers, which are available in your area. You can also call the AC customer care number of the given brand to know more. You can even visit their service centers to know about service packages and how good or bad there service experience is from customers who are there. For the first year of your purchase, the services are free, but from next year onwards, you will have to pay the service charges based on the price company decides. You can also buy AMC packages from the manufacturer, which will ensure you free services and replacement of parts like a fan, capacitor, Compressor, Filter, etc. If your AC is used extensively for most of the day, it is advisable to go for these AMC packages as it covers any unexpected expenditure on AC.

Coming to the next aspect is the installation of AC. You have to very sure about the place where you want your AC installed. Once the AC is purchased, you will have to schedule an appointment with the service engineer as per your comfort. The engineer will visit your house or office to install the same. Based on the type of AC, the installation cost will vary, more sophisticated centralized systems will take weeks to install. Small household or small office-based Split or windows take a day only. Split AC is more complicated to install than window ones and involves more cost. But split AC, as you know, is more energy-efficient and can be installed in any type of room irrespective of the fact that you have a window or not. Window AC’s on the other hand, can be installed in windows only. In General, though is a brand more famous for its powerful cooling through window AC with very high capacity. These AC’s are very robust with high cooling power.

Air Conditioners Conclusion:

So, at last, we can say that buying in an AC is not just all. It’s the start of a long relationship that you are bound to stay with the given brand. So make your choices wisely and do not compromise on quality and services. You may have to spend some extra bucks to have an AC of reputed brand like o General, but in the long term, it will pay off.

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