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Samsung Washing Machine Problems

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Samsung washing machines are one of the most commonly sold household appliances. But these do come with their share of problems. If you own a samsung washing machine, you should be aware of the common samsung washing machine problems and how to repair them.

Water Pumping Out Issue During Spin Cycle:

Issue: Often, in a Samsung Washing Machine, the washer pump keeps trying to pump the water out during the spin cycle. This disturbs the spin cycle.

Solution: When you face this issue, you need to find out whether this problem comes up only while washing smaller loads or bigger loads. If you have a large capacity washing machine, it is ideal for washing large amounts of clothes. But, when you try to wash smaller loads, it does not work very well. The only solution for this is to call a technician. The possible issue is with the electronic control board that cannot balance a small load. For this kind of Samsung top load washing machine repair, it is best to seek professional help.

Spots of Bleach Forming on the Clothes:

Issue: This issue occurs when you add bleach in the bleach dispenser. Bleach is commonly added to disinfect the washer or clothes or to whiten them. Sometimes, spotting also occurs in other loads of clothes that you put in the machine in future.

Solution: you need to use the bleach dispenser properly, else this issue will always occur in future loads. You can avoid it by not overfilling the dispenser. Also, ensure that the level of the washer is tilting to one side and not forward or backward. If this is the case, then the dispenser cup will not empty properly in your required wash and will also drip in your future loads. You can also remove the dispenser cup and rinse it well after you are done disinfecting your washer or clothes.

Electrical Circuit Tripping as Soon as you Start the Washer:

Issue: Top Load or Front load automatic washing machine repair would be needed in this case. This problem occurs when water leakage happens on the electrical connections of the thermal sensor and this causes an electrical short. Sometimes, this problem ignites the circuit board and can even lead to fire.

Solution: When this problem occurs, you need to stop using your washer and call a technician immediately. You can also look for troubleshooting problems in your user manual.

Machine does not Start:

Issue: Are you facing this issue? Does your machine refuse to start?

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Solution: If you have checked the electrical power supply and yet your machine is not starting, you can try cleaning the contact points of the door latch. Also try rubbing some alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the door latch. If this does not work, then you need to call a technician, as there might be an issue with mechanics of the washer.

Water does not Drain out Completely from the Detergent Dispenser:

Issue: If water remains in the detergent dispenser after every load of laundry, then this problem is not a major one.

Solution: Bleach, detergent or fabric softener are all washed out and flushed out off the tray with a clean stream of water at the end. If some water remains, then it is because the stream of water is not cut off as quickly as it should have been. This leads to excess water storage in this tray. You need not worry about this excess water as it only helps in cleaning your dispenser tray properly.

Dark Blue Streaks Visible on Clothes After Washing:

Issue: Do you find your fabrics streaked with purple or indigo colored lines? This happens only during cold water or short cycle wash.

Solution: The only reason for this is that you have been using too much detergent for the amount of clothes. It is best to use only one teaspoon of detergent for a small load of clothes. You can also rewash the same load with water to get rid of the streaks. Do not add detergent this second time. This problem may not occur in a semi automatic washing machine, as you can check the clothes once they are washed and then put them in the rinsing tub.

Machine Halts When Spinning:

Issue: Does your Samsung Washing Machine stop while spinning? Does it get off-balance? Do not worry as the spin cycle will continue, once the clothes are rearranged again,

Solution: The possible solution for a halt during the spin cycle can be a slow drain. If you have a blocked or slow drain, the spin cycle may stop in between. You might get an error code in your display bar. This problem may be in your drain outlet outside the washer or in the washer’s drain at the bottom of the washer housing. You can open the panel at the bottom to clean the filter of the drain pipe. Also, never overload the washer if you are facing this issue.

These are some of the basic Samsung Washing Machine problems and their common solutions. Knowing some of these solutions beforehand, will prevent you from costly repairs. You may save a handsome amount of service fee if you can correct some issues yourself.