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What is the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor?

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Dealing with electrical appliances or electrical wiring is no joke – for that, you can’t authorize anyone to get the job done for you. The last thing you will want is to know that your electrical appliance is no more due to a short circuit, etc.

This is where the professionals come in. However, when it comes down to choosing the best person for the Job, a hurdle seems to stop the way of the consumers. Didn’t grab what we are talking about? No problem.

Once you start seeking the best electrical services in your area, you will soon be given a choice to choose your best service provider from either an electrician or an electrical contractor.

Have faith in us; these two terms happen to be used almost interchangeably. However, these are not the same thing, which many people aren’t aware of!

Before choosing any of the electrical services for you, it’s crucial for you to atleast know about what you are getting yourself into. For that matter, we are here to help!

Our experts have managed to narrow down some pieces of information for you all so that you can understand the real difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor.

What is an Electrician?

To put it into simple words, an Electrician is an individual who is responsible for installing wire and other components and looking after providing smooth electrical transmission to homes, buildings, and other institutions.

These are the people who complete four years of apprenticeship where they learn from classes and put their learned skills to test at job training that’s done under strict supervision and sufficient insurance policy.

Many states comprise of an essential requirement that all the electricians working or starting off to work should be licensed – and to gain a license, an exam is needed to be passed.

Specifically, electricians are the people that are allowed to handle small to medium-sized jobs – this includes wiring, material dealings, installing conduits, maintenance, furnace repair, etc.

What may sound absurd to you is that, though all of these electricians are licensed and have undergone strict supervision, still they aren’t allowed to carry out any kind of electrical work or Job on their own and charge clients for their services.

Since electrical jobs happen to be full of risk and danger, the electricians who work all by themselves will face strict penalties if things start to go south.

According to rules and regulations of some states, electricians are required to have their licenses renewed after the tenure of five years.

To summarize all of it above, the person you see in your daily life, who is earning for his life by dealing with electricity is an electrician!

What is an Electrical Contractor?

After reading the above paragraph, you might wonder that all of the work-related to electricity is done by an electrician, so what role is left for an electrical contractor? – and considering that, we have got you covered.

On the other hand, the electrical contractor is a business or individual who carries a license to provide electrical services to people. The benefits aren’t restricted to installing ceiling fans, modification of switchboards, repairing appliances, and many more.

Since an electrical contractor carries a license for providing services, he has the authority to hire a bunch of certified electricians to work for him on his projects.

When we talk about the licenses of an electrical contractor, getting the claim seems to be pretty straightforward. To acquire a permit, one should have atleast four years of work experience in the relevant field.

Other vital requirements include passing a couple of field examinations, undertaking apprenticeship programs, and lodging a cash bond.

After being granted a license, electrical contractors are given cards and certificates, which makes it easier for them to get a hold of a couple of clients.

While hiring an electrical contractor, it becomes necessary for you to check whether the certificate he has is still current at the license board.

With that being said, to summarise the information above, an electrical contractor is a person who is an electrician himself. Still, he has the license to start a company of his own.

When an electrician can only be one individual, an electrical contractor happens to have a massive team of electricians – this may have cleared every query of yours for sure!

Who should you hire? An Electrician or an Electrical Contractor?

For what it’s worth, you should get your hands on an electrical contractor. Wondering why? The reason is pretty simple!

The electrical contractors in victoria bc comprised of a team of the best electricians, hence when you will hire them, they would be sending their best guys to your place to look after your needs – either way, by hiring an electrical contractor, you’re getting an electrician for free.

If you hire an electrician individually, you would have to run a background check on him on whether he’s worthy or not – and trust us, this isn’t the process that you would want to get indulge in.

Going with an electrical contractor gives you the package that you are looking forward to – that too at a highly affordable price. Rest the decision is yours to make!

Final Word:

If only you have managed to come to this end of the guide, then we are pretty sure that you must have grasped the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor.

While wrapping it up, at certain times, you might think of both of these roles to be equal. However, they are not – and the above guide is a prove of it.

Our task is to make you aware and clarify queries of both of these terminologies, but when it comes to hiring, the final call would be yours.

As per our experts, if you want someone to deal with minor electric work, then you should go with an individual electrician. But if the task is riskier and more challenging, then you should really go with an electrical contractor!