Free Firewood Places Near Me

Best Free Firewood Places Near Me

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Winter is approaching and you all are preparing your homes for the upcoming chilly weather. This includes getting your fireplaces cleaned, chimneys declogged, stocking up on woollens and stocking up on firewood ofcourse. But instead of spending on firewood, were you aware that you can also get it for free? Yes, you can search for firewood places near me on the internet to find a list of places distributing free firewood. 

If you love to cozy up in your living room in front of your fireplace, but avoid doing so thinking about the costly firewood, then you are in for a surprise. Firewood need not always cost you. Here, we have listed some of the available areas.

Firewood Places Near Me:

Search your Local Area First:

Look up on websites like Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace or such others to locate people who may be having firewood of no use to them. These websites are places where people advertise products they no longer need and customers can find such products for free or minimal rates. You can post an ad for your firewood requirements on such websites or contact those who have already posted firewood for sale near me ads stating they have firewood available. 

Firewood Places Near Me - Local search

You can also consider posting print ads on your local grocery stores, post office or such other market places which have heavy traffic. Many people have large farms or gardens with discarded logs and they would only be too happy to hand it over to you.

Collect Firewood after a Storm:

Was your town or nearby areas hit by a storm recently? Heavy rain, snow or wind can topple branches and trees easily. This leads to a lot of firewood available to those needing it. An average homeowner is constantly on the lookout for someone offering to clear their debris for free or minimal rate.

If you need firewood for free and if you know someone whose trees have been uprooted owing to a storm, then this could be a win-win situation for both of you. All you need to do is to step in and haul off their debris for them and collect your bundle of firewood and take it home. But you need to be quick about this, as most homeowners will contact professionals to clear their debris. 

Look up for Construction Sites:

Construction sites may have uprooted plenty of trees to clear the land for construction. If you notice any construction going on around you, hit it up immediately before they discard the logs to someone else. If you catch them on time cutting down trees, you can request them to cut smaller pieces perfect for using as firewood. This is the best place where you can find firewood for free. Similarly, you can visit a landfill site and ask for the company to lend you some extra wood, which they stock up anyways to fill the empty spaces.

Tree Trimming Services:

If you love playing around with your axe and also want to look for firewood near you, then be prepared to offer your expertise. You need the equipment to prune trees or branches and you can offer your services to anyone in your vicinity looking for gardening or tree pruning services. You can not only find firewood places near me this way, but also earn some money for your services offered. 

You can also contact local tree trimmers in your town and approach them saying that you are looking to buy firewood near me. They might agree to sell some of their extra wood to you for a minimal rate.

Tree Trimming Services

Visit a Sawmill:

A sawmill’s main job is to produce usable lumber from tree logs. They have plenty of tree logs, which they shape and cut into usable wood pieces. You can ask them to give you some of their wasted wood that you can use for firewood. Sawmill owners often have to pay people to haul away their extra wood debris. They will be too happy to have someone take away their extras for free or a minimal rate. 

These are some places you can consider looking in if you want free firewood places near me. Just ensure that the wood is usable for fire as some are seasoned firewoods and some have a bad stench. Some may not be usable for fireplaces. So check before you collect such wood.

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