Best Type of Furniture Paint

Best Type of Furniture Paint

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Tired of your dull looking furniture? Now, you can give  your old furniture a new makeover by giving it a fresh coat of paint! But, what paint type to choose? There are different types of paints available to give your furniture a new look. You get  latex, oil, chalky, milk and acrylic paints for furniture and each have their own pros and cons. Some suit better for indoor furniture, while some are better suited for outdoor furniture. Let us understand the characteristics of each.

Latex Paint:

This is a popular paint choice for furniture as it is easily available in various shades. Some paint formulas are low or non-VOC as well, which are better for indoor furniture. Non -VOC latex paints dry up quickly and have a ‘soft’ finish. This paint type is not ideal for furniture meant for rough use. You get multiple finishes in this paint such as flat, satin, semi-gloss or glossy. 

Latex paint is prone to scratching or chipping easily. It does not soak into the pores of porous surfaces like oil-based paint, but, instead, it bonds to the top surface layer of the furniture. Hence, it easily gets damaged. It is best used for little-use furniture.

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Chalky Paint:

Chalky paint is mostly used to give an old-world charm to newer pieces of furniture or to renew vintage furniture. It is a water-based paint that uses latex as its base, but gives a thicker and more buildable texture. Although it is a more expensive form of latex paint, it delivers a unique and smooth finish. 

Chalky paint dries fast. The brush strokes are visible and so, you need some practice to use it expertly.  It can be sanded or distressed to create a more weathered look. It is mostly used for creating a ‘vintage’ or ‘shabby chic’ look. It is best used for refinishing vintage furniture pieces or delivering a rich, matte look to everyday furniture. It is also expensive with limited color choices.

Milk Paint:

Milk Paint offers a natural look on furniture as it has a slightly thinner texture than chalky paint. It is a non-toxic paint made from milk protein with an activator like Borax or lime. Color pigments are added to the formulation to change the tint of the paint. It is an eco-friendly paint with no added fumes or chemicals. 

This paint dries quickly and it can be used on most surfaces. It is best for an antique, weathered or distressed look furniture. It is, however, tough to get a consistent saturation with this paint. It may chip or scratch without a sealer. 

Acrylic Paint:

This is a water-based type of paint for furniture that is like latex paint. The color particles are suspended in this polymer and deliver a rich color with a smooth finish. You can apply this paint on many surfaces and hence, it is a versatile kind of paint. 

It is a self-leveling kind of paint and is easier to work with. It dries quickly as well and you can apply several coats in a short duration of time. This paint does not have a lot of elasticity to resist chipping or cracking and so, it is best-suited for light to moderate use furniture. It is best for application on small pieces of furniture that need a quick new look. It needs a primer for best results.

Oil Paint:

This paint is also known as alkyd paint. It is a durable paint for furniture, but is very costly. It also takes longer time to dry and has high-levels of VOCs that need a lot of ventilation. This paint can be applied to most furniture pieces as it adheres well. It takes a long time to dry, but cures more quickly than other water-based paints.

It offers a durable finish and is best suited for heavy-use furniture that needs a durable finish. It has a self-leveling formula and can be used on most surfaces. But it is not available in all states because of the  high level of fumes and VOCs. 

These are the different types of paints for furniture. 

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