Pros and Cons of Carpets for Bedrooms

Pros and Cons of Carpets for Bedrooms

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You all love to enhance the look of your bedrooms with pretty matching carpets. You get so many kinds, textures and styles of carpets today, that there is something available to suit everyone’s preferences. But, for a person who has just got a house and is thinking of doing the interiors, selecting carpets for bedrooms often gets confusing. Here we have a detailed blog explaining the pros and cons of keeping carpets in bedrooms.

Carpets for Bedrooms:

Your bedroom’s decor looks complete with carpets. Rugs and carpets take the look of your bedroom flooring to another level. Before buying a carpets for your homes, it is important to know about a few basic rules:

  • Dress up your floors with carpets and rugs keeping in mind the available space

Unless you are going for a wall to wall carpet, it is suggested to go for small carpets that can be placed next to your beds to provide comfort and coziness beneath your feet. This is because you have installed such costly flooring and it will be a waste to cover it all up with carpets.

  • Spread carpets and rugs keeping in mind the color theme of your interiors

It is also necessary that your carpets should match the color theme of your upholstery and furniture. Placing a third or unmatching color in a bedroom will make it look off place and will spoil your room’s aesthetics.  You need to keep in mind color coordination while selecting carpets.

  •  Color Coordinate two or more carpets in the same bedroom

Carpets in a single bedroom should always complement each other instead of looking overpowering. This will create a sense of harmony and well-thought of decor.

  • Who says carpets are only for floors in a bedroom?

Wake up the artist in you and create a stylish effect in one of your bed rooms by dressing up a wall with a carpet. Pick a vibrant carpet that can accentuate your interiors and also become the focal point of your décor. 

So, before you plan to invest in these, here are some pros and cons of carpets that will help you make the right decision.

Buying Christmas Rugs and carpets


  • Alleviate the aesthetics of a room
  • Carpets feel warm under your feet. So, if you have ceramic or such other kind of tile flooring installed, placing carpets will add warmth beneath your feet. You can place carpets next to your beds or have full wall to wall carpets.
  • These add an interesting decor or color element to the room and also make the decor look complete.
  • Carpets are great to snuggle on and enjoy in front of the fireplace or television. All you need is to throw some pillows to have your own cozy space on the floor.
  • There are different kinds of carpets available for bedrooms as they are generally low-traffic. You can choose from various styles of carpets and install the right one for you.
  • Carpets are a clever way to hide flaws, scratches or dents on the flooring, if you do not want to undergo an extensive repair job.


  • Carpets, especially loop cuts, tend to attract a lot of dust, germs and dirt.
  • If not vacuumed regularly, carpets can be breeding grounds for bacteria, germs  and fungus.
  • Unmaintained and dirty carpets can cause health issues in homes with children.
  • Some kinds also tend to slip. This can pose a problem for the elderly and little children.
  • Carpets are very good at hiding biscuit crumbs and other food crumbs. Regular cleaning and mopping outside the carpet area may not be enough to remove the dirt accumulated inside the carpet. 
  • These bring an added duty to clean and maintain regularly.
  • It is easy to hide a dirty floor beneath a carpet and then forget about it. This brings down the hygiene quotient of your floorings.
  • Carpets also tend to get dirty and stained with food, chemical, paints, and other liquid stuff. These stains can ruin a carpet forever and make it look dirty. 

Comparing the pros and cons, it is clear that carpets for bedrooms should be placed only if you have the time, commitment and energy to vacuum them regularly. In a house with children, you should install carpets that can get easily cleaned and those that are good at hiding spill stains. 

If you want to place carpets for bedrooms, ensure that you indulge in regular tile cleaning with a good tile and grout cleaner so that the surface beneath the carpets is absolutely clean. You can also hire experts to perform a thorough tile and grout cleaning task in your bedrooms before you place the carpets.