How to Banish Reappearing Carpet Stains

How to Banish Reappearing Carpet Stains

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Carpets and rugs add a lot of beauty and convenience to  your home decor. But with kids and pets in a house, stains are a common occurrence. They also attract a lot of dust, dirt and grime. These facts make carpet cleaning an essential part of your cleaning. Regardless of how well you clean your carpets, these stains keep recurring. It makes you think that perhaps the stain was not cleaned properly the first time or there is some underlying issue. If you do not treat these reappearing stains properly, it will spoil your carpet in due time. Here are some tips to banish reappearing carpet stains.

In this article, we shall highlight the main causes of reappearing stains and then throw light on how to banish these reappearing stains forever. Once you learn these tricks, you will not have to worry about stains at all, whether kids spill food or beverages on your carpet or your pet pees on your costly carpets.

Causes of Reappearing Carpet Stains:

  • Stains occur when residue remains in the carpet fibers from the cleaner used to clean the stain. If not properly cleaned or blotted, the residue becomes sticky on coming in contact with the cleaner and attracts more dirt and soil to the same spot. This will give an impression that the old stain keeps reappearing.
  • Wicking is another reason for reappearing stains. Wicking happens when a substance is spilled on the carpet and the spillage has soaked into the backing of the carpet. When the stain is cleaned, you only clean it from the surface of the carpet and not from the underpad or the backing. It eventually makes its way up the fiber strands and back to the carpet surface, like traveling up the wick of the candle, hence it got this name. Wicking happens especially when the carpet is wet. A carpet remains wet or damp when you steam clean it.

Banish Reappearing Carpet Stains

How to Banish Reappearing Carpet Stains:

  • Treat Stains as Quickly as Possible:

One way of preventing reappearing stains is by ensuring that spills are treated as soon as they occur. This will prevent the stain from soaking deep into the carpet. After treatment, place paper towels or clean rags over the spot and place something heavy on the rags, so that they absorb all the dampness properly. 

  • Professional Help:

If some nasty stains keep reappearing, you can also hire professional help. Good professional carpet cleaners have the proper equipment to extract the moisture from the carpet and leave it dry. You can also switch on the fan to enable your carpet to dry faster and to prevent the process of wicking.

  • Soiling:

If the cause of reappearing stains is soiling caused by the residue left behind, then you can pour a small amount of lukewarm water on the spot. The amount of water should depend on the size of the spot. This will help to rinse the residue from the carpet fibres. After rinsing, you need to dry the fibers properly to prevent wicking.

  • Wicking:

If the reappearance of the spot is not caused by leftover residue, then it can be due to wicking. You need to treat the spot as you normally would in case of a spillage and then ensure that you follow the final step of stacking heavy weights and towels on the spot to completely dry off the dampness.

  • Drastic Steps:

If nothing helps, you will have to pull back your carpet to let the underpad dry out completely. Once you let the underpad and the sub-floor dry out completely, you can be rest assured that the stain will not reappear. Once the sub-floor is dry, you can reinstall the carpet. You can also call a professional installer to reinstall your carpet to match its seams properly. 

These are some essential steps you need to take to banish reappearing carpet stains forever. It is always better to treat the stain as soon as the spillage occurs to prevent it from getting too deeply penetrated into the fibres.