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Types of Mattresses Which Model to Choose

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Rest every day for at least 7 or 8 hours is essential to feel good and be able to face the day with energy. For this reason, at Muebles Lara we advise you to have a quality mattress, which allows you to sleep without discomfort, rest better and, with this, increase your quality of life. 

However, the mattress market has evolved remarkably, and when we go to buy a new mattress to retire the old one, we realize that there is a very wide and varied offer, without knowing which one best suits our needs. Factors such as the temperature in our room, the weight of our body, or the position in which we sleep, will be decisive when choosing one type of mattress or another.

At Muebles Lara we have the best relaxed mattresses, and that is why we want to explain to you what types of mattresses exist. Choose the one that best suits your needs, and doesn’t go crazy when looking for information and buying between the different mattresses.

What type of mattresses are there on the market?

Currently, there are three  types of mattresses, which are the most used and the most common:

  • Latex mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Spring mattresses

The main difference between these three types of mattresses is their manufacturing material, a fundamental aspect when determining the basic characteristics of each one.

Memory foam mattresses - 10 Minutes for mom

Latex mattresses:

The latex mattresses are made of different materials natural latex, which comes from the tree rubber; synthetic latex, which is obtained from petroleum; and other materials that are used in different proportions and that, together, make up 100% of the mattress.

This type of mattress offers firmness, but at the same time flexibility, which makes it adapt perfectly to the contours of the body, distributing pressure evenly.

They are a good option for people who move a lot during the night, and for people with allergies or asthma, as they avoid mites inside the docks.

The Dunlopillo brand  Royal mattress is a mattress with a 100% Talalay latex core, the most sophisticated system of latex mattresses. It is a mattress adaptable to each body, healthy, natural, and breathable, characteristics that make it hygienic and durable. In addition, it is composed of natural fibers of cotton, wool, linen and silk, which provide soft and natural comfort, keeping body temperature regulated.

Memory foam mattresses:

The memory foam mattresses have different names (viscoelastic mattresses or Visco espumantes). This type of mattress is made of a material that reacts to temperature, so when the mattress is cold, it remains completely firm and does not mold, but when it is heated, it becomes adaptable, so it molds when Body.

With the evolution of mattresses, more and more this material is used for the upper layers of the mattress, making them more comfortable and pleasant, while the core of the mattress could be sprung.

The Sedapur mattress, with a Star mattress, is composed of an 18cm Active Air core, and a total thickness of 27cm. Its memory foam is the one with the highest memory on the market, so pressure points are reduced to the maximum. Find it in our online furniture store as you need.

Pocket spring mattresses:

The spring mattresses bagged manufactured today have nothing to do with mattresses old docks, so if you are thinking of buying a new mattress, the best you can do is to inform without prejudice and forget because of all knowledge previous that you may have on this type of mattress.

This type of mattress has incorporated new materials that make them much more comfortable. They offer a firm and durable surface, with optimal ventilation, making them the perfect choice for people who perspire easily. Of all the types of mattresses, it is probably the coolest mattress and the one with the best ventilation, and it is probably the one with the best technological innovations. 

The Carisma mattress, from the Sonpura brand, is made up of 1,800 pocket micro springs. It has a 100% compact surface, for greater ergonomic precision and bed independence. Its Cashmere fabric gives it a soft and silky touch.

Features to decide between the types of mattresses:

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the choice of a good mattress will always depend on different factors that will make us opt for one type of mattress or another.

Pocket spring mattresses - 10 Minutes for mom

One of the main elements that we must take into account when buying is the degree of firmness of the mattress, that is if it is harder or softer. High or very high firmness mattresses are recommended for thick people or people with obesity problems, children, or people who suffer from a specific pathology.

Medium-firm mattresses are, in general, the most commercial and most demanded by customers, since they are neither too hard nor too soft; while low firm mattresses are recommended for people who spend a lot of time in bed and need a mattress that does not exert any pressure on their spine.

The degree of adaptability of a mattress is also another of the conditions that exist to opt for a good mattress. Adaptability is the ability of a certain mattress to adjust to the shape of your body so that no area of ​​your figure is in the air.

If you wonder if there are more types of mattresses than those already mentioned, the answer is yes, there are still more types of mattresses.

However, we have explained the basic characteristics of the three most common types of mattresses. If you still have a hard time deciding (it’s normal, don’t worry), you can visit our more than 7,000 m2 of exhibition space, where we have a space reserved for mattresses, where you can lie on them and really feel what one material or another is.

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