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Blinds and shutters make outdoor areas more comfortable – Here is what you need to know

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We hardly often enjoy outside our house and thus, a garden, backyard or even front-yard is least visited areas of all the house. This is majorly because owners do not usually put in proper protection from the sun and the heat with the help of blinds and shutters. Even on a breezy sunny day when one might want to sit outside and enjoy the weather, a proper system must be installed beforehand to make the experience worthwhile. Australian families love the outdoors and for this tend to convert their simple patio into a modern-day living space using outdoor shades. Outdoor blinds and shutters have proven to be of great use in this regard.

We, at Outdoor Blinds Southwest, have designed the blinds and shutters keeping in view of the living habits and standards of Australian citizens. Our main objective is to add value to your home and protect it from any unexpected and unsuitable external conditions like bad weather. Many blinds and shutters do the work of protecting your home but for outdoors we recommend out retractable blinds. This is because they are made of durable and strong fabric which makes them a reliable choice. Moreover, the harmful UV rays, dust, heat, and sunlight is also kept away with this one.

Following are some salient features:


Our retractable roller blinds are said to be one of the best when it comes to protecting you while enjoying the outdoors. The retractable blinds are solely designed to be used for outdoor purposes only. They effectively block sunlight up to 32% and also protect you from the harmful UV rays up to 95%. Thus, you get the maximum level of protection by using blinds and shutters.

Wide Range of Variety:

Blinds and shutters tend to come in a variety of sizes and designs which suit everyone’s requirements. Outdoor blinds southwest also offers a huge range of blinds and shutters and our experts install them on windows, porches, and walls with extreme professionalism. Big sized shutters are placed usually on porches and outer windows. Whereas, small window blinds are installed on a small-sized kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom windows.

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Sturdy Fabric:

Our blinds and shutters are made from a very strong and durable fabric that helps them withhold heavy and unfavorable weather environments. The fabric used is either porous or solid that helps it to resist fraying and tearing. We make the fabric strong enough by observing the usual weather currents of Australia which makes our blinds one of the most long-lasting and durable ones.

Easy Installation and Operation:

Easy installation and the ability to use without much struggle is an essential feature of any outdoor blind and shutter. Depending on your budget, you can choose a crank option that can be either retracted or extended manually or a remote operated one. Contrasting traditional corded outdoor blinds, they do not use a rope or string to work; they use a durable crank mechanism. Thus, this mechanism makes the installation and operation of shutters and blinds easier.

Easy Maintenance:

One of the ways to know between the best outdoor blinds from the rest is how easy they are to clean and maintain. As these external blinds and shutters experience harsh environmental conditions, they might get dirty a lot, or its retracting and extending mechanism might require oiling or lubrication for smooth operation. Our blinds have always been easier to maintain and we also sent in our experts for a professional clean up. For more information @ 08 63192551 .