DIY Painted Rock Flower Garden Ideas

DIY Painted Rock Flower Garden Ideas

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A painted rock flower garden is a trending idea that can instantly enhance a dull looking garden. The reason this idea is trending nowadays is because it is a simple, low-budget and creative way to add color and life to your garden. A Rock Flower Garden can add the feel of colorful flowers in your garden in the non-flowering months or even when you are changing soil and cannot have flowers.

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So, do not feel sad if  your garden is not blooming with its natural blossoms! Painted rock flowers will instantly substitute for the missing natural flowers and also get you busy with an enjoyable creativity. The best part about these flowers is that you need not worry about weather conditions or water supply.

Materials Needed:

  • Few cans of spray paint.

 It is best to go for acrylic paints. Most dollar stores, hardware stores or stationary stores keep acrylic spray paint bottles.

  • Few rocks of different shapes and sizes. 

Try to gather smooth surfaced rocks of similar sizes to make the flower petals. If you do not have rocks near the area where you live, then you can collect any types of rocks wherever you find them. Ensure that you get a few similar sized ones for the petals and a small rounded one for the centre of each flower. After collecting rocks for the flowers, collect a few different shaped rocks to make a border of your rock flower garden.

  • Few cans of clear spray for sealing the paint.

This is an essential material unless you want your paint to wash off in the rains or water.

This activity is so easy that you can involve your children and friends too. Even if you are not a great artist, applying paint on rocks is no rocket science!

Painted Rock Flower Garden Ideas

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  • Begin by first laying the rocks directly on top of the grass. See if you have all the shapes and sizes required to make a flower design.
  • If the grass is too big and is covering your rocks, then you might have to first trim your grass before you begin laying. 
  • You can also place the rocks on a bed of pebbles, mulch or dirt. Pick an area of your garden where you do not have grass so that you do not have to keep removing them when the grass grows. You can also create your own rock flower garden in your porch or in your driveway where there is no grass and hence no maintenance. You don’t have to stick the rocks but just place them. This way, you can keep changing the designs as and when you need.
  • Once you have all the rocks you need, you can remove them and bring them on a flat ground. Place newspaper beneath and start painting them in different colors. Ensure that you paint rocks belonging to one flower pattern in one color. Remember that spraying the rocks can create a lot of mess on the surrounding area. Ensure that  you place a lot of old newspaper or discarded cardboard sheets on the ground before you start spraying.
  • Also, when painting, remember to complete spraying one color on all the rocks at once. This way, it is more organized and you don’t have to worry about your spray can drying up while you paint the other rocks with a different color. Finish painting all the rocks in one shade once and only then go to the other one.
  • The border rocks can be given a different color.
  • Once the rocks are all painted and dry, it is time to start arranging them in a beautiful flower design to make your rock flower garden.
  • You can arrange the flowers in any pattern that you like. Make flowers or make rainbows, depending upon the colors and patterns of rocks. Give the flowers different color combinations so that they look attractive.
  • To create your own painted rock garden, you need to first decide how many flowers you want. This you would have done initially when making the rough design with unpainted rocks. 

Your painted rock garden can be of more use than you can imagine. It not only brings life to dull garden spaces, but is a great activity to involve kids and get them to stay away from gadgets and indulge in something creative. 

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Perks of Having a Rock Flower Garden:

  • Cheap way to decorate an old and drab looking garden space.
  • Cool way of introducing fun and creative activities for kids and adults too when they are bored.
  • It is a low-maintenance way to decorate a garden area.
  • Most of the materials needed are easily available and you will not have to pay a bomb for buying the paints.
  • It is also a cool activity to find the rocks in the woods, near the river, near the lakes or forest areas.
  • You can make many more designs apart from flowers.
  • Once laid, you can easily change the layout next time and create some other designs with the same painted rocks.
  • Many people call professionals to design their garden with rocks, but this is a DIY method to decorate your own garden.
  • You can also earn a few extra bucks by offering to paint a rock flower garden for your neighbors or friends.
  • This activity does not require any major painting skill. It is an easy craft and anyone can do it.

Different Ideas for a Rock Flower Garden:

  • You can create flowers as explained above.
  • You can make a rainbow going across your entire garden.
  • You can add a colorful line of rocks edging your flower beds.
  • You can line the painted rocks along the swing area to distinguish it from the rest of the garden.

This way, there are plenty of ideas on how you can decorate or make your own painted rock flower garden.