Paint Colors for a Home - Blue

Blue – One of the Most Unconventional Paint Colors for a Home

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Most of us feel that blue is one of the most unconventional and uncommon paint colors for a home. We often see homes in shades of brown, cream, beige, white and even ivory, but blue is rare. Some people do get a wall or two painted blue in their kids’ rooms, but that’s that. The usage of blue paint color for a home is quite restricted and limited. But, if you explore the family of blue color and visualize your homes in any one of its shades, you can get yourself an exceptionally creative, wonderful and unique place to live in.

Why Blue and not the Usual?

Well, today is a time where everyone wants something unique for themselves. That is also the reason people invest in designer clothes so that only one such garment is ever created and there is no chance of repetition. The same concept can go for houses. While all the houses may be different, the color combination is almost the same in all. But, if you explore a bit more and widen your horizon, you will find that the shades of blue are fantastic as paint colors for a home.

Features of Blue Color:

Let us see the other positive sides of getting a blue paint color for a home. 

Features of Blue Color

Blue is the Warmest Color:

There are several shades in the family of blue. Some of these are warm while some are cool colors. Blue is generally thought of as a ‘cool’ color, but there are several shades of blue that are quite warm. Cerulean and phthalocyanine blue are some ‘warm’ blue shades. The ‘warmness’ or ‘coolness’ of a shade might not be known to the common man, but for an artist or a painter, it plays a major role. 

But when it comes to choosing paint colors or home or office, you need to ensure that you are choosing it right because certain shades uplift your mood and creativity, while some others make you feel anxious, lazy, less-productive or gloomy. 

Shades of Blue Color:

Shades of Blue Color

There are many shades in the blue family. Some of these shades are warm, while some are cool. The common shades of blue are Baby blue color, azure, royal blue, indigo, navy blue color, celestial blue, misty blue, powder blue and so many more. It is a shade that easily blends with any kind of wooden interiors. You can choose a shade that suits your personality. Many people love to go with baby blue color as it goes well with brown, beige, white and grey. Some people may even go in for a royal blue color for just one wall to add attitude to the decor.

Wonders of Choosing Blue Paint Colors for a Home:

The blue color is linked to water. It is the ideal shade for bathrooms and bedrooms as well because of its cooling and calming qualities. Blue shade provides a relaxing space in bedrooms where one can retire and relax after a stressful day.

If you opt for a light blue shade like the baby blue or powder blue, you can get a feeling of space and also envision your room to be larger. It is a lovely color to choose for your walls and ceilings as well. A blue room without windows does not give a boxed in feel.

The Duck Egg blue shade has a warm undertone and when combined with other neutral shades, it looks wonderful and relaxing. If you feel your blue shade is icy and cold, you can accessorize with blue’s complementary shade orange, that helps to balance the color palette. 

If blue ain’t your color, then you can experiment with a darker blue for a change. A deeper blue shade gives an elegant appeal and is one of the perfect paint colors for a home bedroom if the person suffers from insomnia, asthma or headaches. Darker blue radiates energy that helps you get rid of these problems. 

Feng Shui Quotient of Paint Color Blue:

Warmer shades of blue inspire confidence, youth and new beginnings, while deeper shades of blue infuses wisdom and introspection. You can choose your shades for the walls accordingly. As per Feng Shui, any shade of blue is a wise choice for home walls.

There are many facets to choosing blue paint colors for a home. You need to analyze the personality of the person who will be sleeping in a blue room as it contributes to altering the mood and the mindset. So, this time when you are redoing the interiors of your home, try painting some of your walls in vivid hues of blue and see a marked difference in  your home interiors.