How to Remove Tile from Concrete Floor

How to Remove Tile from Concrete Floor

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Do you want to replace a tile from your concrete floor? Well, there is no need to call the professionals and pay heavy service fees, as here is an easy DIY way to remove it. So, if you are wondering how to remove tile from your concrete floor, just follow the instructions below.

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If you need to add a new layer of tile on your concrete floor or just replace a certain area with new tiles, then you will have to first scrape off the old tile with the help of the right tools. Here is a simple DIY procedure of how to remove tile from a concrete floor.

Tools Needed:

  1. Dust Mask
  2. Hand Maul
  3. Electric Tile Stripper
  4. Cold Chisel
  5. Hammer
  6. Knee Pads
  7. Shop Vacuum
  8. Jackhammer
  9. Safety Glasses
  10. Trowel


  • Tile Removal:

First begin by using a chisel and a hand maul to remove the tile. This procedure is not easy and it may seem very hard at first. In a concrete floor, there is no underlayment like that in a cement or a wood floor. You will have to literally knock out the tiles and the adhesive using a hand maul and a chisel. This process requires time and effort. It can also be very time consuming.

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To remove the tile, you will have to work the chisel between the tile and the concrete and then hammer them using a 2 -lb maul. You can begin at a broken tile or an area where the grout has come off. Force the chisel under the tile to loosen them. Hammer the stubborn tiles to break them up to remove them. You should wear safety glasses, pants, gloves and a long-sleeved shirt during this process. You should also wear a dust mask as hammering will cause sharp shards to fly all over. You will notice that older floors that have been tiled with mastic adhesive are easier to work on than those floors where tiles are laid using a thinset mortar. Use a jackhammer for those very stubborn tiles. An electric tile stripper can also be used for larger areas of concrete flooring.

  • Chisel and Scrape off the Adhesive:

After the tiles have been removed, you might find the adhesive still present on some areas of the floor. If you cannot remove them all, its fine. You can leave upto ⅛ inch of adhesive but not more. 

  • Smoothening the Old Concrete Floor:

Tile removal is not complete by only removing the tiles. You need to also smoothen the concrete floor once the tiles are removed. After all the tiles are removed, you need to spread a thin-set mortar over the entire concrete area to level and smoothen it. This process is necessary to get a uniform and smooth surface for the laying of new tile. Use the flat side of a 12-inch trowel to apply a ⅛ inch layer of latex thin-set mortar over the entire floor. The same latex mortar can also be used to install new tile. 

This is how to remove tile from concrete floor procedure explained. Ensure to gather all the tools before you begin. 

Before you start removing tile from the concrete floor, remember that the easiest solution is to install the new tile over the old tile. But sometimes, there is a lack of space or the old tile is completely ruined and so, you will have to perform tile removal. Also, keep in mind, when you install a layer of new tile over the old one, the floor height will increase and then you might also have to increase the height of your toilet entrance or your door entrance.

It is better to hire professionals to remove tile from concrete floors. The process is time consuming, tough and also requires a lot of effort. You can, alternatively, remove the tile yourself and then call an expert to install your new tile, as you do not want your new tile floor to have any errors or flaws.