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Everything you Need to know about Beige Color

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The beige color has been around since time immemorial. It has been differently named though. It is often called as fawn, grayish tan, light-grayish yellowish brown, grayish yellow and such other names. But with these associations, you get the shade in mind. The term ‘beige’ hails from French language, where it means natural wool that has neither been dyed or bleached. 

History of Beige:

History of Beige Color

The word ‘beige’ was first used in France in 1855-60. It was first used by writer Edmond de Goncourt in his novel ‘La Fille Elisa’ in the year 1877. The first time the word ‘beige color’ was used in English in 1887. A variety of light tints are described as beige to depict their neutral or pale warm appearance.

Various Hues of Beige Color:

Beige has various hues and tints including a dark beige color, light beige color and more. You can associate it with different color names as well depending upon the presence of another color’s tint, such as grayish light beige color. Such as shade will be on the grayish side and will appear more like a soil color. A darker beige color can have more gray or brown. Here are some of the common variations of beige explained.

Various Hues of Beige Color

  • What is a light beige color?

A light beige is a shade with a lighter tint of the shade that gives it a neutral or pale warm appearance.

  • What is a natural beige?

Natural beige is used to describe fair skin tones with a warmer tone. Warm beige is more yellow based and this works well with warm colors.

  • What does the color beige look like?

Beige can appear a darker cream shade, a fawn shade, grayish tan or grayish yellow. It is also known as shade with a light sandy brown appearance.

  • Is beige and tan the same color?

 Brown color with an orange undertone is known as ‘beige’. This shade is commonly used for interiors and exteriors. Brown color with a yellow undertone is a shade we call ‘tan’.

Which Colour Combination is Best with Beige?

A beige color paint or beige decor pairs well with many other shades, that are commonly used for interior decor. Here are some of the common pairs mentioned:

  • Burnt Orange and Beige

A burnt orange shade appears extremely rustic and cozy. It pairs well with a neutral beige wall paint and warm orange curtains and headboard. 

  • Gray and Beige

Also known as greige, this shade is quite popular today. It almost looks like light, whitish-beige and goes well with gray accents in the carpets, furniture or curtains. A little bit of beige here and there in the decor can highlight the gray accents.

  • Bright Blue, Beige and Orange

A combo of bright blue used in curtains, headboards or carpets along with orange chairs or bench looks lovely in a room with beige walls.

  • Gold and Beige

Gold accents look lovely in a room with beige walls, beige headboard or beige curtains. They seem to complement each other quite well.

This way, beige is a shade that can go very well with practically any shade. It just needs to be teamed up well by using beige on the maximum side and darker shades on the minimum. While using beige on the minimum side, ensure that you have another lighter tone like white or gray to be used maximum. 

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