Moving Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Moving Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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Research indicates that Americans find relocation stressful. Recently, a OnePoll survey showed that 45% of residents consider moving more stressful than a divorce/breakup. And our countrymen relocate more than eleven times in their lives! As per an estimate that an average American household moves after six years. This migration causes several problems for families. People need some useful moving hacks to make this experience enjoyable, from packing everything to transporting your stuff. So, how do you make relocation a “fun” event for the entire family? We’ve compiled some suggestions to help Americans transition to another residence effectively. Here are some tips to help your moving experience better:

Nine useful hacks for relocating homeowners:

  1. Declutter the house:

Our primary suggestion involves assessing which things you don’t need in your life anymore. People often use moving as a legit excuse to declutter the residence and throw away the stuff they don’t need to transport. You can choose to donate worn-out books, old furniture, and needless portraits to make more space for fresh memories in the new house! So, start purging unwanted objects, and you will have to pack less stuff. That’s how you make moving/packing more convenient for the family.

  1. Store your stuff:

You can find several self-storage facilities around the location where you can temporarily store your belongings if your house isn’t furnished yet. Choose a temperature-controlled facility where your stuff remains well-protected. You can read the Public Storage review online to learn about your self-storage options in the USA and Europe. These units come in many sizes, and you can choose units as per your needs during relocation. Now, you can store your excess stuff securely without worries.

  1. Hire some movers:

This hack deals with getting some movers involved. You can ask friends/family to lend you a hand as you’re transporting your household belongings to another residence. But hiring some professionals can get this job done properly. Therefore, ask around the neighborhood if they can recommend some reliable movers to transport your stuff to the location. Just make sure that this moving company’s well-reviewed online and provide insurance if their employees damage something.

  1. Gather some supplies:

You must gather the right supplies for packing your belongings properly. So, obtain boxes from any local grocery store. Ask around friends/family for their leftover moving cartons. Don’t fish for bigger boxes only; small ones come in handy all the time. Since heavier objects are manageable, you can put lighter objects in the bigger cartons. Get some packing tape, bubble wrap, and newspaper to pack fragile stuff. Now, you’re ready to pack/unpack your things in a great way.

  1. Label your stuff:

Don’t forget that you have to unpack all this stuff later. You must pack your stuff in a fashion that helps your future self easily identify everything. So, we suggest color-coordinating the boxes and using a labeling system to understand which carton contains which objects. Label these cartons by penning down their contents properly. When homeowners don’t label their belongings, their moving experience is stressful since they struggle to locate everything among a plethora of boxes.

  1. Carry your essentials:

It’s observed that homeowners often forget to bring essentials with them. They forget to bring their valuables, documents, and even medications with them. So, how to avoid this mistake? We suggest you carry these essentials on your person while moving. Don’t trust movers to transport this stuff as they are far too valuable to get lost! Just pack these items separately. That’s how you make the first night at your new house comfortable and stress-free. Carry your essentials and don’t forget them.

  1. Take some candids:

We suggest you capture pictures of your house after it’s been emptied and your stuff before packing it. It’s not just for memorabilia but has some practical reasons as well. It helps you understand the arrangement of your belongings to furnish your new dwelling properly after relocation. For instance, these pictures allow you to arrange your electronics’ cords. If movers break anything accidentally, these images act as insurance.

  1. Attack the closet:

Packing your closet may seem difficult if you aren’t aware of some practical tactics to get the job done. We suggest you utilize contractor garbage bags for packing your garments while keeping them safe from dirt/dust. Some experts advise using vacuum bags for this job too. You can also hang clothes in wardrobe cartons. Moreover, plastic wraps aren’t slippery and offer more benefits than sheets. We think you should pack your hats/shoes separately and use some suitcases to finish packing clothes.

  1. Check the utilities:

Check the utilities in your new house before moving in with your family. You don’t want to enter an apartment where there’s no gas, water, or electricity. So, ensure that all connections are there when your family decides to settle in this location. That’s how you can make this transition easier for your family and less stressful for yourself! Also, change your address and inform your friends/family (the workplace, especially) after the migration. Now, you’re ready to reside in your dream house.


Statistics have shown that just 8% of Americans relocated between March 2020 and March 2021. People find moving a stressful experience due to which they’re terrified by the notion of switching dwellings. It can help American homeowners to learn some moving hacks to make this experience more comfortable. You should hire a professional moving company while investing in a temperature-controlled self-storage facility.

Declutter your residence for transporting only the stuff you need in your new home. Label your possessions properly and accept help from friends/family while moving. Pack your essentials separately when you relocate and keep them on your person. That’s how you make moving easier for your folks.