Moving with a large family Five tips to make things easier

Moving with a large family? Five tips to make things easier

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Moving is a difficult task, and if you have a large family, moving houses is no short of a challenge. Having a big family implies you have a lot of belongings to move around. This can make the process of packing and loading the truck all the more overwhelming. So, it is essential to figure out how you can make this journey easy for you and your family.

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However, moving from a place where you have many memories might also be emotionally draining, so the last thing you want is more trouble on your plate. Therefore, to make moving smoother for you, here are some factors you should consider as you embark on a new chapter in your life:

1. Look Into Storage Facilities

The first thing you should look into is storage units. If you’re moving with a large family, you’ll need a place to safely hold onto the luggage until you figure out how everyone will fit into their new space. Luckily, you can easily search storage spaces online.

Once you’ve loaded your belongings and they’re on their way to the new city or state, you’ll need trailer storage, to keep items safe and secure. To make a booking, figure out the size that is enough for your family and pay the required fees. Since you can do all of this virtually, you don’t have to make a separate in-person visit and can have a space ready for your luggage before you arrive with your family.

2. Ask for Help

Packing for a large family is a challenging feat. There is much to sort through and arrange that can take weeks. Hence, don’t try to be superhuman as you shuffle through your family’s belongings. If you have friends and family close by, make sure you ask them to help you out. Likewise, if your children are old enough to handle their belongings, guide them on what needs to be done and delegate tasks to them.

You may also contact professional movers if you have too many things to look after. These experts have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to tackle your belongings neatly into boxes. Expert movers can also safely transport your goods for a reasonable fee. Having an extra pair of hands to help you is always a good idea, especially when you’re going through a life-altering moment.

3. Declutter Your Space

Your family may have far too many items stashed in the house that need to go. While packing up all your and your family’s belongings, try decluttering certain things too. Treat the moving process as spring cleaning, as you’ll never get an opportunity like this to tidy up your space. When making donation piles, confirm that the things you wish to give away are usable.

If you have old and worn-out stuff, throw them away. In this manner, if you come across old newspapers, bottles, or miscellaneous items that you no longer use, recycle them. You should also encourage your children to make a box of things they don’t want to take with them and add it to the donation pile. If you feel every item in your house is essential, think again. Visualize what you haven’t used for over a year, then give it to someone else.

4. Factor Important Dates

Before you move, you’ll need to cancel subscriptions and utility bills and update your license according to your new location. However, it would help if you had a timeline to cancel and arrange for the proper documentation without accidentally delaying the process. It will help if you make a list of documents and bills that you need to cancel. A week before you move out, it’s best to stay in a hotel and let your landlord know you have evacuated the residence. If you own the property, you should contact a real estate agent and put it up on the market to sell.

Similarly, a week before you leave, you should remove your children from school and gather their transcripts and school leaving certificates. Leaving these critical tasks to the last minute is never a good idea. There can be numerous delays along the way that can cause you to postpone your move. If your company is known to take longer to process an employee’s resignation, apply at least two weeks ahead. Ensure that as you prepare to leave, you have no pending bills or documents you need to use for or pay off.

5. Be Supportive

It’s easy to get frustrated and angry during this significant change, but understand that it’s equally tiring for your children or spouse. Of course, you should also expect your kids to throw tantrums and have moments of intense sadness. Your partner may also be sulking and not willing to help out with the packing. In such cases, you’ll need to be patient and supportive. Don’t push your loved ones to ignore their feelings and focus on the task; instead, talk about it and validate their emotions.

Similarly, don’t be too hard on your children. If your kids are too young, you may want to discuss what moving means to them, but if your children are adults, have a heart-to-heart with them. As you’re being supportive, take it easy on yourself too. If you’re feeling stressed or tired, take a break and then get back to work.

Final Thoughts:

Moving with a big family is hard work. You have to think about all of your family members and ensure they’re packed and ready for the big move. For this reason, stay on top of your timeline and arrange storage facilities before you leave. Whether you’re applying for your children’s school leveling certificate or arranging for documents that allow you to work in your new city, ensure you complete these tasks on time.

Furthermore, as you pack up all your belongings, ask for help to prevent burnout. Finally, support your loved ones through this emotional period. Starting life from scratch is not easy, so extend the same kindness to yourself that you offer others during hard times.