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What is the Standard Size of a Kitchen?

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Regardless of your house size, you need some basic spaces in a kitchen to make it comfortable and usable. While those who live in large houses can have really big kitchens, those who live in small houses also have to devote a good amount of space to their kitchens. So, if you are wondering how much space to keep for setting up a kitchen, here are some details on a standard size of a kitchen.

A kitchen comprises of sinks, countertops, cabinets and more! As the space increases, you can have a kitchen island, a small dining table, lots of storage shelves and more. There is no limit to designing a kitchen if you have ample space and budget. But for those who have limited space and budget, you need to go in for the standard dimensions.

Standard size of a Kitchen Sink and Countertop:

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A kitchen sink should be deep so that it can contain all your dirty dishes. A deep sink also ensures that water does not splash about while washing. All modular kitchens have a standard sink size and hence find it easy to install a kitchen in just a few days. You can get the kitchen countertop height customized as per your height though. It is ideal to have a gap of 15 cm between your elbow height and countertop. But, a kitchen sink is always the same height as the kitchen counter height. The standard depth of a kitchen sink is 56 cm.

Standard Measurements of a Kitchen Sink:

  • Height – 72 cm
  • Width – 60-90-100-120 cm
  • Depth – 56 cm

Standard Size of Overhead Cabinets:

Overhead Cabinets

Overhead cabinets should be at an ideal height so as to not strain your back while trying to reach out for things. An ideal height will prevent excessive stretching or bending. The standard depth of the wall modules is 32 cm. This depth prevents the cook from bumping into cabinet shutters. Wall cabinets are not to be treated as loft spaces that are seldom used. Wall cabinets are used quite often in a kitchen for ingredients and utensils.

Standard Measurements of Overhead Cabinets:

  • Height: 30 – 36 – 60 – 72 – 90 cm
  • Width: 40 – 45 – 50 – 60 – 80 – 90 cm
  • Depths: 32 cm

Standard Dimensions of Base Cabinets:

Base cabinets are mostly used to store pans and pots. Most modular kitchen making companies have fixed standard sizes of base kitchens. The ideal dimensions are 36 cm to 85 cm including the countertops. This is fixed keeping in mind elderly and children in a house.

Standard Dimensions of Base Cabinets

Standard Measurements of Base Cabinets:

  • Height: 36 – 85 cm
  • Width: 15 -20 – 25 – 30 – 40 – 45 – 50 – 60 – 90 – 100 – 120 cm
  • Depth: 41 – 56 cm

Standard Dimensions of a Kitchen Island:

Kitchen islands are useful countertops in the centre of a kitchen often serving as a place to sit, cut, chop, prep food or place some kitchen gadgets. You can place bar stools or high chairs around it to use it like your informal dining space. The standard height of a kitchen island should be similar to the countertops. These spaces should be functional for standing and working.

Standard Measurements of a kitchen Island:

  • Height: 72 cm
  • Width: 60 – 90 – 100 – 120 cm
  • Depth: 56 cm

Standard Dimensions of a Kitchen Window:

The main purpose of a kitchen window is to let in fresh air and light into a kitchen. It enables ventilation and lets the cooking aroma go out of the house. The standard height of a kitchen window is 90 cm measuring from the floor.

Standard Dimensions of Tall Units:

You must remember that tall units are not very tall. They are easy to reach and you don’t have to stretch too much to reach the topmost shelf. Tall units are ideal storage spaces where one can keep all their provisions. You can place all your non-refrigerated grocery items. These can be designed as per your requirements. 

Standard Measurements of Tall Units:

  • Height: 1960 – 2080 cm
  • Width: 450 – 600 cm
  • Depth: 560 cm

Standard Dimensions of a Breakfast Counter:

A standard breakfast counter should be at 15 to 30 cm higher than your cooking counter. It works as an ideal space for an extra space to be used when your cooking counter is full. It also doubles up as a partition for the kitchen. This space should be higher so that you can sit comfortably accommodating your knees also. It is the best place to have a hurried meal or an informal meal with your family.

Standard Dimensions of a Backsplash:

Backsplashes not only add beauty to a kitchen, but also work like an easy-to-clean space between the cabinets and wall. Backsplashes also prevent the base cabinets from getting spoiled because of oil or water splashes. The ideal height should be 60 cm.

These standard measurements will enable you to avoid any major mistakes while designing or remodelling your kitchen. These standard measurements have been finalized after years of research and experience. Designers and architects have come to these standard sizes of kitchens after experimenting with various dimensions and checking which are the most ideal.