Top 5 Multigenerational Home Trends in San Antonio, Texas

Top 5 Multigenerational Home Trends in San Antonio, Texas

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During the height of the pandemic, it was common for families to combine households. The demand for multigenerational housing has increased by 15% since the pandemic, and real estate agents in San Antonio, Texas are prepared to help people find properties with multigenerational features.

If you are interested in putting your house on the market and you’d like to expand your pool of buyers, or if you’re eager to find a Realtor® who can help you find the perfect multigenerational house.

What Is A Multigenerational Home?

Multigenerational homes are referred to as residences specifically designed for multiple generations. This means several generations of family members are living together in one house.

The generations must have at least two adults from two or more generations, related kids, including adult children and extended family, all of them living together under one roof. If this is the condition, then only a place can be called a multigenerational house. Sometimes, these households have both sets of in-laws, an uncle or aunt, or great grandparents in the extended family.

The physical living space for each member can be separated or divided between them. These homes are often upgraded and renovated over time to fit the current lifestyle and needs of the family.

Are you planning to buy a multigenerational home? If yes, these are five home design ideas you’ll want to look for.

1. Improved accessibility:

The average house isn’t designed for people who have mobility issues. When living with a large family with elders, it’s important to have good accessibility in the house. That’s why a multigenerational house should have features that can make the house more accessible for everyone.

Open concepts and layouts are most commonly used in multigenerational residences. If someone uses a wheelchair in the family, there should be ramps along with stairs. Also, check other features such as wider doorways, ramps for the steps, higher toilets, and improved lighting throughout.

2. Additional master bedrooms:

Having older family members stay in a spare room is fine when they’re just coming to visit, but if they’re going to be living with you, you can bet they’ll be more comfortable in a larger room with its own bathroom. If you have a multi-story home, it’s a good idea to have at least one master bedroom on the first floor, so it’s easier for the elderly to get to.

3. Mother-In-law suites:

Mother-in-law suites are a great addition for homeowners who want to keep their loved ones close but not necessarily in the same room. These in-law suites can be as large as you’d like, but they should include a kitchen area, bathroom, a bedroom/living area, and their own entrance. You can purchase accessory dwelling units that are all set to go, but you can also finish a basement or convert a garage into an in-law suite.

4. Space for privacy:

Living with a bunch of people is great, but sometimes it can get a little stressful, and it’s perfectly understandable to want a space for yourself. That’s one reason why you need to carve out a space (other than the bedroom!) where people can go to relax and unwind.

So when looking for homes, they should focus on houses that offer separate personal space for every family member. Depending on the family’s needs, these can be individual bedrooms or flex spaces.

You can also do this by using furniture to create a quiet nook in a large area. You could even create a peaceful space outside that people can go to when the weather is beautiful.

5. Multifunctional Spaces:

Another thing you should look for in multigenerational residences is the use of the spaces. Getting a home with multifunctional rooms that you can use for different purposes is vital.

Try to utilize every corner of the house so that every member can get enough private space on their own but can also enjoy spending time all together. From areas like the attic and the basement to the space over the garage, you can creatively use these spaces for various uses.

6. Neutral designs for future generations:

Everyone has their own reason for needing to make a home suitable for multiple generations. Some people do it because their kids are moving back in after college, while others do it to help cut costs. It doesn’t really matter why people choose to combine households; the only thing that does matter is that the home appeals to everyone. So, while you may love bold colors and eccentric design, it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

When you’re decorating your new home, keep everyone’s tastes in mind. Ask for their input and design accordingly. That said, you absolutely can decorate personal spaces how you’d like. Everyone needs a place where their personalities can shine, after all!