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Want to Upgrade your Framed Shower Seals? You Need to Read this First

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Framed shower seals enhance the aesthetics and utility of your shower doors. It is tough to design and engineer a framed shower door that promises no leakage ever. On the other hand, the very purpose of a shower door is to prevent leakage on the other side of the shower. So, do you keep changing your shower doors as soon as they start leaking? No, you use seals. We are not talking about any regular, bulky looking seals available on the market. In this article, we will discuss the best framed shower seals that will definitely upgrade the look of your doors.

pFOkUS’ Framed Shower Seals

Shower Seals from pFOkUS are definitely better than any other available on the market. These are the best choice if you are looking to upgrade your existing seals. pFOkUS seals are very easy to use for replacing the old drip rail seal. It is also cheaper as you do not need to replace the entire drip rail. Only changing the seal is an easier and cheaper method. Our seals are durable and sleeker and also very thinner and lighter. They are made from a clear polycarbonate material that is highly flexible. As every shower door is different, the seal requirement also differs. pFOkUS has a wide range of different kinds, sizes, lengths, types of seals made for framed doors. Our seals easily attach to the side or bottom of the drip rail, to help prevent water leakage

Best Framed Door Seals:


This one is a 36 inches long seal that can attach to a ½ inch glass door. It easily snaps on to the glass door with the help of a double-sided tape. You need to purchase the tape separately. This one is our T-shaped seal and is ideal for glass doors that are designed in such a way that they open both inwards and outwards. 


The DS8211 is our high-quality polycarbonate material door seal that is 36 inches long. This one is also in a T-shape. It is an ideal replacement sea that easily slides into the existing drip rail without needing any tools. You can slide this one into the drip rail’s grooves. It is available in a clear or a translucent shade. All you need to do is to cut this one with a pair of scissors or knife to size it to your requirement. It easily gets cut with scissors. 


The DS8228 framed shower seal is a clear seal ideal for replacement. This one too slides into the drip rail. It is available in 36 inches length. It slides into the existing drip rail. You just need to slide the old seal and clean the surface before putting this new one. Again, this one too can be cut with scissors or a sharp knife. It is best to replace seals after a gap of 5 years. 

DS8184 :

This one too is easy to install or replace. Available in 36 inches of length, the DS8184 is the only seal in a round pattern that is designed for particular drip rails. It easily fits into the grooves. The box packing also contains 4 shims of ¼ inches and 6 shims of 1/32 inches. 


Our DS8229 framed door seal is available in 36 inches length. It easily slides into the shower door drip rail. In the box, you get 4 shims of ¼ inches, DS8229 seal and 6 shims of 1/32 inches. 


This one is our star-shaped seal. It is available in 36 inches length. It is a clear framed glass replacement door seal that easily slides into the bottom of the door through the drip rail. You do not need any tools for this bottom seal


DS8230 is a replacement seal available in 36 inches length. This black seal is unique and no other seal matches this one in color, shape or style. 

Some Important Factors to Keep in Mind while Buying pFOkUS Seals

Do you need an adhesive for the seals that push over the glass?

No. You just need to measure the drip rail width and cut the seal. After that, you can just push it easily into the drip rail attached to the door. If your drip rail has to be changed, we also supply different kinds of drip rails. 

How long do the shower door sweeps usually last for?

If the tile installation is good and you take good care of your doors, then these seals can last for years. It is recommended to change them after a span of 5 years. 

Can you also cut the drip rail to fit your door?

Yes, you can do so by using a pair of scissors or a box cutter knife.

Do all the seals attach easily into the grooves of the shower door drip rails?

No, every seal is made to fit in a different type of drip rail. You can remove the old seal and determine its pattern on both the sides. If the seal does not have any sweep attached, then you can determine the style of the seal by looking at the groove in the drip rail and then buy your seal accordingly. 

If you cannot easily determine the right size or style of your framed glass shower door seal, you can use our measuring guide to first measure the glass. Most glass doors are 36 inches long or smaller than this. Just match your seal design with any of the pictures of our seals uploaded on our website. If you still find it tough, you can send  your pictures to us via email. Our experts will help you find the right seal for your drip rails. 

pFOkUS’ framed shower door seals are manufactured with passion, catering to the aesthetics and functionality of your framed doors, without having to change the drip rail. We value your money and focus on creating products that can enhance your existing structures, while also making them look beautiful. For more information, you can visit:

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