Why Organic Mattresses Are Best For Your Baby’s Crib

Why Organic Mattresses Are Best For Your Baby’s Crib?

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This shopping guide will assist you in selecting the best mattress and bedding for your new baby if you’re expecting your first kid or grandchild.

In addition, particularly during the first few months, infants sleep a lot. This implies they are exposed to many more objects and toxins in beds than adults are. Dryness, rashes, and other skin problems are more likely in babies who sleep in bedding made of non-organic materials.

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You may reduce your child’s exposure to pollutants and better care for his or her health by using organic mattresses, bedding, mattress toppers, and pads. People are adopting organic products and eco-friendly solutions for things in their daily lives now more than ever. Any parent understands how valuable the time our children spend sleeping is.

So, naturally, make sure they’re getting a better night’s sleep. Continue reading to discover the advantages of purchasing an organic mattress. If you are interested to purchase these organic mattresses you can visit the little green sheep discount code. Fresh Bargain is an online website which is offering discount codes and you can save up to £18. They give a quick delivery.


● Ensures that your child has access to clean air:

Chemicals that are proven to be hormone disruptors, carcinogens, or irritants are found in many everyday items. When you use organic and non-toxic materials, you eliminate the health risks associated with the toxins released into the air by these materials. While your child sleeps, you will be allowing them to breathe clean air.

● Makes the environment toxin-free:

Organic bedding is crucial for your baby since he or she deserves the safest and healthiest start in life possible. In the months after birth, a baby’s digestive system and lungs are still developing.

As a result, it’s critical to keep your baby’s development in a toxin-free, organic environment. Because your baby will be sleeping for a big portion of the day, this is the best approach to ensure that he or she is secure at all times.

● Pesticide exposure should be minimized:

Organic flax, for example, is grown from seeds that are not genetically modified and are fully natural. When planting or weeding, no pesticides or other dangerous chemicals are used. As a result of the end product being clean and workers working in a safe and healthy atmosphere, you will be benefiting others as well.

● Assists in preventing the development of allergies in your child:

If your child suffers from asthma, dust is a serious problem. When your infant sleeps on a regular mattress, he or she is likely to be exposed to dust mites that have built up in the fibers.

This may bother your baby’s sensitive skin as well as his or her respiration. A stuffy/runny nose, itchy eyes or overall itching, and sneezing are all classic symptoms of dust mite exposure.

Dust mites can also cause asthma symptoms such as chest tightness, coughing, and wheezing, in addition to these symptoms. If your child suffers from asthma or allergies, he or she would benefit immensely from sleeping on an organic mattress.

Best mattress type for babies:

Experts recommend a firm and flat mattress for your baby’s safest sleep, regardless of the style of baby bed you choose. It is recommended that your infant sleeps on a new mattress. Your baby’s mattress should be in good shape and fit correctly in the cot.

● Mattress Dimensions:

Check the mattress size needed for your child’s crib (In the UK, this is mostly found under product details online or in the instruction manual). Most cots demand a mattress measuring 60cm x 120cm, whereas most cot beds demand a mattress measuring 70cm x 140cm.

Because some brands differ, it’s a good idea to double-check what size mattress you’ll need. The mattress should fit snugly in the crib, with no gaps greater than 4cm on either side. You can choose a made-to-measure service if you have a standard shape for a baby crib.

● Materials for Mattresses:

Many baby beds contain a foam mattress, but many parents prefer to study and purchase a higher-quality mattress for their children to sleep on. Natural fiber or organic mattresses are more breathable than foam mattresses, allowing the baby to maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the night.

Natural fiber mattresses are regarded to be the healthier alternative and better suitable for newborns with allergies or asthma because they are chemical-free and do not contain synthetic foams.

Final Verdict:

The mattresses include no toxic fire retardants, and because all of the materials are 100 percent natural and chemical-free, they are naturally fire-retardant and meet UK fireproofing standards, as well as being naturally anti-dust mite and anti-allergy.