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Discover the Beautiful Range of Bamboo Bowls at Bibol USA

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Bibol USA specializes in manufacturing Bamboo dinnerware. Established in 2006, the fame of this company today is skyrocketing as more and more people realize the importance of bamboo. Bible USA has managed to combine Sustainability, tradition, and Fair Trade with their alluring range of Bamboo dinnerware. Each piece is designed in France and handmade in Vietnam.

How it All Began:

Bibol USA is the dream child of Little Moon, a peasant Vietnamese girl, who spent 20 years in France when she moved out from Vietnam at the age of 13. After 20 years, she decided to come back with her husband to her homeland, Vietnam. As they strolled along the Vietnamese countryside, she had a desire to develop a fair trade system and merge her ancestral Vietnamese craftsmanship in France.

This idea led them to create Bibol – USA. It is a bamboo products manufacturing company that combines tradition, durable development, fair trade and economic growth for all the Crafts people.

Bible & Fair Trade:

You might be wondering how this company is successful in creating a Fair Trade for all the craftsmen. Little Moon started working in the fields when she was just 8 years old. This experienced girl grew up in hard times and faced a lot of miseries and trouble. This gave her a lot of experience early on in her life. 

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Their dream venture Bibol – USA started in 2007. Since then, she and her husband began developing bamboo products. They clearly focused on fair trade by:

  • Ensuring that the artisans are paid decently.
  • Ensuring that no solvents are used.
  • Training the workshop manager at ‘Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation’ in 2011.
  • Taking all the required steps to limit their CO2 emissions.

For her consistent efforts, Little Moon got a certificate from the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam, for Bibol’s valuable contribution to the care and protection of children.

Bibol & Ecology:

Bamboo is an omnipresent ingredient of the Vietnamese culture. It is widely used in the gastronomy industry; for preparation of bamboo shoots, chopsticks, architecture, drains, scaffolds, partitions and frames. It is also used in the paper and penmanship industry, clothing and furniture industries. Bamboo lovers are trying to replace plastic and concrete by Bamboo slowly. Bamboo has undeniable qualities that makes it a very powerful resource: It is solid, resistant, flexible, stabilizes the soil, grows quickly and converts CO2 to O2. 

Handmade, Hand Wash:

Bamboo products from Bibol – USA are made by hand, just like leather or wood. It is a noble and natural living material. It is carefully handmade and each product is unique. The bamboo dishes used inside and outside are protected by a food safe varnish.

The products are all food safe and can be used to contain liquids like soups and other hot beverages. They can contain solids upto 158 Degrees Fahrenheit as well. They can contain cold food such as pasta, ice-cream, soups and vinaigrette as well. 

We have a large range of beautiful bamboo bowls, bamboo mugs and bamboo plates that can be used for your breakfast, lunches and dinners.

Cleaning Instructions:

Each bamboo vessel from Bibol should be washed with hot water and dish soap. You can rinse and wipe each vessel carefully after cleaning. The bowls can maintain their integrity and beauty for a long time if you do not let them soak in water. It is recommended to dry the vessels immediately after cleaning with a soft cloth. Do not let them air dry. Do not put them in the dishwasher or microwave.

So, if you too want to contribute your bit towards society and nature, buy our Bibol-USA bamboo products and enhance the beauty of your dining tables and kitchens. We have a large range of wholesale and retail bamboo products.