DPS 3D Insight Gaming Chair - Reviews 

DPS 3D Insight Gaming Chair – Reviews 

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Computer gaming has reached new heights today as one gets access to amazing displays, graphics, remotes, VR technologies, gaming keyboards and even a gaming chair! A gaming chair is an ergonomic chair made especially for gamers who tend to spend hours enjoying their computer games. The flexible design of such chairs prevents your body from getting stiff from hours of playing. When it comes to gaming chairs, there are many models available on the market, but today, we are especially going to discuss the DPS 3D Insight gaming chair.

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Are you looking for a high-quality DPS 3D Insight Gaming Chair? Here are some honest reviews and descriptions of this chair written by experts and by those who have used it.

DPS 3D Insight Gaming Chair:


A gaming chair is a relatively newer concept in the gaming industry. Many people do not give it much importance. But, as more and more youngsters are spending hours in front of their PCs playing games with thrill and excitement, they tend to ignore their body positions. An ergonomic gaming chair is one of the most essential aspects of gaming, as it provides cushioning to your body as you twist and turn while reacting to the game.

Some people may think that a gaming chair is not at all necessary. But when you start developing back problems, shoulder and neck stiffness, you will realize the need of a gaming chair. Moreover, you need not use it only for gaming. A gaming chair can be used for other works on your computer as well. It is especially required in today’s scenario, when work from home is in great demand. Other than just cushioning your body, the DPS 3D Insight Gaming chair provides a lot more features.


Manufactured by the brand True Wellness, this DPS 3D Gaming chair is a state-of-the art innovation that offers advanced comfort and wellness for gaming performance seating. It boasts of an ergonomic design that adjusts to your body as you turn and twist while playing, thereby providing ample comfort. This is due to the unique 3D lumbar design zone in the middle of the backrest that moves along with you, thereby supporting your body. The design adjusts according to your body and cushions it at any angle, thereby preventing chances of sprain or stiffness. 

The chair has an inbuilt lumbar zone that moves with you as you react to the game on your computer or TV screen. It features a sleek and fun-looking design that elevates your gaming experience. The height adjustable headrest can be elevated for taller people. The chair moves in mult-idirections to be able to adjust to your body as you react to the game. The back can be reclined and tilted. Moreover, the seat is large enough to fit a heavy-weight person as well. It comes with 3D rotating wheels that are easy to maneuver. The chair can easily slide from one side to another. The backrest is also quite comfortable and spacious.


The armrest pivots’ height can be adjusted and these can be slides as well. You can adjust them lower or higher or even slide the armrest down, as you prefer it. The height of the chair can also be adjusted as per your comfort level. The chair also comes with a tilt knockout feature that allows you to tilt the headrest and chair to some extent. This feature ensures that you can adjust the comfort as per your body’s comfort requirement. The chair features all the necessary factors that are required to make a chair design comfortable, adjustable and suitable to the body. So, if you sit for longer hours on the chair, you will not end up with any pain in your body. In fact, you will find it very comfortable to sit on it for longer durations.


DPS 3D Insight Features and Price-10minutesformom

  • Comfortable cushions
  • Armrest with a pivot point. These can slide and the heights of the armrest can be adjusted.
  • Chair offers a 3D degree swivel.
  • Can support upto 275 lbs
  • Heavy-duty 50mm casters offering smooth movement
  • Pneumatic height adjustment that comes with a tilt lock-out feature
  • Needs assembling
  • Available in black, blue or green colors


The approximate price of this chair is $159.99. This pricing may change depending upon your location and taxes.

Chair Dimensions:

  • 28″D x 27.5″W x 44.7- 48.5″H
  • 44.1 lbs.


The chair has 50mm casters that provide smooth mobility and protection. These casters are made from heavy-duty materials that ensure the player is able to move smoothly from one monitor to another despite how excited the user is. These casters are so strong that they won’t break even if you jump on them.

The seat and backrest of the chair are also quite strong and won’t break regardless of any heavy-weighted impact. The user can easily lean back into the backrest without the fear of breaking it. The entire chair is constructed using string materials.


The cushions of the chair are quite comfortable. They provide ample comfort to your back and neck. They are not that soft that they will make the user sink in, but soft enough to not pain your neck. They have the perfect comfort level that will prevent body stiffness during long hours of game play.

Personal Review of a User:

“ I found the DPS 3D Insight Gaming chair to be very comfortable when you have to sit on it for prolonged durations. The middle back rest is a bit wiggly, which is good, because it easily adjusts to your body in any position. The chair is ergonomic and highly comfortable. I would give it 5 stars.”


The DPS 3D Insight Gaming Chair is a must-buy if you are a gaming freak and tend to spend hours playing computer games. This chair will ensure that you do not develop any body pains or strains.

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