Why Should you Shop Gaucho Knives

Why Should you Shop Gaucho Knives?

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Gaucho knives got their name from the popular South American Cowboys, called Gaucho. Hailing from Argentina, these cowboys were famous for never carrying a gun. Although, you do not find them in large numbers today, as you once found them in the ‘Pampas of Argentina’, their most prized possession, their Gaucho Knives are still an important and impressive tool. 

These Gaucho cowboys always carried their ‘Cuchillo’ knives along with them. They used this tool for everything right from cleaning their horse’s hooves to cutting their steak to even settle a disagreement. Their knives are today fondly remembered as ‘The Peacemakers’. 

What is so Special about the Gaucho Knives?

These knives have a fixed blade. With a fixed blade, they are definitely stronger than the ones available today in which you can keep changing the blades. The benefit of fixed blade knives is that the blade actually runs through the entire length of the knife, giving it a better grip. These knives are better for carrying out heavy duty work. As there are no complex removable parts, cleaning becomes easier too. Folding knives often collect grime in their folding junctions. Gaucho knives are more durable and reliable too.

Why Shop Gaucho Knives from Us?

We create an entire and impressive range of ‘Full Tang’ Gaucho knives. We craft our knives with 440 stainless steel. We do have some exceptions like our full tang blades with carbon steel blades as well. 440 stainless steel is a very highly-graded steel material that works twice as hard as a kitchen grade stainless steel knife. 

Features of a Gaucho Knife:

Features of a Gaucho Knife

A good fixed blade knife is a multi-tasking tool. Once  you start using this, you will not find any replacement for a good fixed blade knife. It can be used for much more purposes than a folding knife. These knives are more robust and more substantial. These can be used to carry out a number of tasks without damaging their integrity or sharpness. A fixed blade knife cna be used as a weapon or a tool. These knives are mostly preferred by outdoor men, soldiers and even by survivalists. These are essential tools that can be used to carry out any hard work into the wilderness.

Why Buy From PiecesofArgentina.com:

Gaucho cowboys are their Cuchillo knives are deeply embedded into the ancient history and culture of Argentina, our very own haven in South America. Hailing from the same place, we are proud of our heritage and passionately work towards bringing the best of our culture and heritage to the world at large. All our knives are hand-crafted with passion and integrity. If you are looking for an ancient and really good Gaucho knife, you can get one from us by shopping online from our website piecesofargentina.com.

We have described each of our knives in detail to give you an idea why each one differs from the other. We have a huge variety of Gaucho knives in various lengths, sharpness, handles, purposes and other characteristics traits to suit your requirements. The knives come with beautifully engraved and designed wooden or other material handles. We have a wide range of knives for you to choose from. Some of these also come with a carry case to protect their integrity and avail ease in carrying.

So, hurry up, log in today to check our wide range of Gaucho knives and choose your pick before stocks last!