Top 8 Face Wash for Women in India

8 Best Face Wash for Women in India

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Are  you looking for a good face wash in India? Are you often confused about using a face wash or a soap for your face? Well, here is a detailed article explaining the difference between a soap and a face wash. We have also listed the best face washes for women that are available in India.

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The markets today are flooded with umpteen number of face washes, soaps and cleansers. You might be confused as to which product to choose for your skin. Moreover, women are often in doubt about using a soap, face wash or a cleanser for gentle daily cleansing. In this article, we shall first explain the difference between the two and then list the best face washes for women in India.

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What is a Face Wash?

A face wash is like a liquid soap that comes contained in a bottle or a tube. It generates more lather and hence, can be called a foaming cleanser. It is different from a soap because it does not contain the harsh detergents found in a soap. A soap strips the face off its natural oils and makes it very dry. A face wash, on the other hand, gently removes the oil, dirt, impurities and make up from your face. Furthermore, face washes also contain conditioning lotions that moisturize and nourish your skin. These prevent your skin from getting too dry. Another advantage of using a face wash is that it removes the deep-settled impurities in your clogs and unclogs all the pores because of its intense foaming action. 

What is a Face Wash

A face wash is not a cleansing milk for the skin. A cleansing milk needs to be wiped off from the skin, while a face wash needs to be rinsed off. There are different types of face washes made to suit different kinds of skin. Some face washes are meant for oily skin and contain ingredients that prevent excess sebum secretion from the cells. Some contain microbeads that are helpful in unclogging the pores thoroughly. Some contain extra nourishing ingredients meant for dry skin types. There are some others that are absolutely soap and chemical-free, suitable for sensitive skins. You also get herbal face washes and ones meant for acne-prone skin. You must choose your face wash depending upon your skin type.

Do not compromise and use a soap for your skin as it is quite sensitive. A face wash is especially formulated to suit the skin and contains soothing ingredients that not only remove the impurities from your skin, but also add a glow. Mentioned below is a list of the best face washes for women in India suitable for different skin types. Now you need not try various brands to see which one suits your face. You just pick one from the list below.

1. Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Cleansing Facial Foam:

This 3-in-1 deep action facial foam delivers a radiant and vibrant looking skin instantly. The nourishing formula deep cleanses your skin. It reduces melanin production that is the main cause of skin darkening. This face wash is loaded with aloe vera gel, milk enzymes, and nourishing minerals. It removes dead skin cells and gets rid of excess sebum and impurities from your skin.

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Cleansing Facial Foam

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2. L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Face Wash:

The L’Oreal Paris face wash has a pearly white foam that instantly makes your skin whiter and brighter. It removes makeup and cleanses the skin by removing all impurities. It also removes the dead skin cells and makes your skin feel clean and pure. The face wash is nothing but a  Fairness Control Day Cream and cleanser that lessens brown spots and brightens the skin tone. Your complexion appears visibly rosy and glowing due to the tourmaline gemstone ingredient.

L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Face Wash

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3. Aroma Magic Neem With Tea Tree Face Wash:

This is a herbal ayurvedic face wash that is suitable for acne-prone skin. It has a powerful action of discarding the harmful bacteria residing in your pores. This face wash balances the skins’ oil balance because of its rose extracts. The vitamins lighten your scars and blemishes. It is best suited for oily skin type. The face wash also improves skin tone with regular use.

Aroma Magic Neem With Tea Tree Face Wash

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4. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash:

Himalaya Herbals face wash is an organic face cleanser that is suitable for all skin types. This one is absolutely soap-free and is especially made for acne-prone skin types. This concoction is a natural blend of turmeric and neem to make it antifungal and antibacterial. Neem helps in fighting bacterial infections and improving skin health. Turmeric has been used as a powerful antiseptic. It also improves skin tone and elasticity. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe your skin.

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash

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5. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Face Wash:

Neutrogena oil-free face wash has a micro clear technology that cleanses the skin deeply and also prevents it from getting too dry. It is an alcohol-free formula that eliminates excess sebum from the pores and also nourishes the skin. On regular use, you will find your skin to be oil-free and supple. It is the perfect bet for acne-prone skin. The formula contains salicylic acid as a key ingredient that fight acne. It also prevents further acne breakout. The special formula never clogs your pores and you will notice a visible reduction in your pimples on regular use.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Face Wash

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6. Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash:

This face wash is designed to cleanse excess oil from the face. It fights pimples without causing the skin to over-dry. It claims to remove 99.8% pimple germs. This is a gentle formula that can be used daily. It prevents the development of blackheads and removes the dirt from your pores. The gentle formula leaves your skin feeling thoroughly clean and pampered.

Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash

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7. Biotique Bio Honey Gel Face Wash:

Biotique Bio Honey face wash is suitable for all skin types. Honey heals, brightens, soothes and purifies the skin. Vitamins B1, B2, B3. C, B6, and B5 along with minute traces of zinc, iodine, copper, wild turmeric, euphorbia plant, and Arjun tree, are all found in good quantities in this face wash. This face wash easily eliminates impurities and makeup and also soothes the skin. Regular use of this face wash will give a guaranteed lighter skin tone.

Biotique Bio Honey Gel Face Wash

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8. Pond’s Pure White Anti Pollution + Purity Face Wash:

Pond’s face wash has activated charcoal that deeply cleans your skin and knocks off all impurities and pollutants. It is formulated with activated Charcoal technology that is suitable for all skin types. It nourishes and glows your skin from underneath by removing the layer of dead skin cells. You get a natural-looking glowing skin instantly. The activated charcoal acts like a magnet that attracts the pollutants and impurities from your skin. 

Pond's Pure White Anti Pollution + Purity Face Wash

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So, scroll through this list of face washes for women in India and select the one most suitable for you. These products are available on There are small packs available for each brand. You can buy the small ones first to sample it on your skin. 

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