Khadi Shampoo Review

Khadi Shampoo Review – Benefits, Side effects and Price

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Have you come across Khadi Shampoo while browsing through different shampoos on Amazon or other online ecommerce sites? Yes, Khadi, as the name suggests is an Indian shampoo and hair products brand that has created a storm in the Indian market since its launch. If you are wondering how this product is, here is a detailed khadi Shampoo review to clarify your doubts.

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Brief About the Shampoo:


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Khadi Amla Bhringraj shampoo is an Ayruvedic preparation made by an Indian company. It is used for the treatment of hair loss and dandruff. This shampoo contains Reetha, Amla, Haritaki, Bhringaraja, Henna and Neem. All these items have their mention in ancient India Ayurveda. These herbs have medicinal properties and have been used for the beautification of hair and skin since time immemorial by Indian women. The properties of these herbs are explained in detail below. It is better to use this shampoo as directed by your physician as the right dosage depends upon the gender, age and medical problems.

Ingredients in Khadi Shampoo:

  • Reetha:

Reetha is an Indian herb that helps in reducing swelling post injury. It arrests excessive bleeding by constricting the blood vessels.

  • Amla:

Indian gooseberry commonly known as Amla is used to reduce symptoms of pain, swelling and fever during inflammation. This fruit also stimulates hair growth.

  • Bhringaraja:

This herb reduces pain without inducing unconsciousness. It stimulates hair growth. It also dilates blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.

  • Haritaki:

This Indian herb reduces symptoms of fever, pain and swelling in an inflammatory response. It is used as an agent to reduce free radicals and it prevents oxidative stress and damage. It is also used as an agent to reduce blood flow to the injured site by constricting the blood vessels. This herb prevents an allergic response by the body.

  • Neem:

This plant has many medicinal properties. The leaves are used as agents to suppress inflammation. It also reduces free radicals and prevents damage due to oxidative stress. Neem is used as an agent to constrict blood vessels by causing reduction of blood flow to the site. It is also used for the treatment of fungal infections. Neem is used as an agent that prevents the body from showing an allergic response.

  • Henna:

This plant reduces inflammation or swelling caused due to an injury. It inhibits the oxidising effect of the free radicals. It also stimulates hair growth.

All these ingredients with their multitude of benefits are used in the Khadi shampoo. Below, this Khadi Shampoo review also lists out the benefits of using this shampoo.

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Khadi Natural Shampoo Benefits:

Khadi Natural Shampoo Benefits

Khadi natural shampoo is mainly used to treat the following conditions:

  • Hair Loss:

Stress is one of the major reasons for hair loss and hair fall. When you use this shampoo, the ingredients stimulate the scalp to grow more hair and soothe a stressed scalp. Bhringraj cools the scalp and certain other ingredients help to stimulate the hair follicles. They also prevent hair fall.

  • Dandruff:

Dandruff is the result of a dry and stressed scalp. The Bhringraj ingredient in this shampoo has a specific gravity that easily penetrates deep into the hair follicles and hair roots, stimulating them. It is easily absorbed inside the scalp and it also moisturizes it, thereby reducing dandruff conditions.

  • Brings Lustre to Dull Hair:

This shampoo also contains Amla Extract and Bhringraj that add extra lustre and shine to your hair. It brings dull and lifeless hair to shine and healthy bounce. The shampoo contains an ideal herbal mix that adds a luxurious shine to your hair. When you use this shampoo on a daily basis, you will find healthier hair.

  • Helps Boost Hair Growth:

Khadi shampoo stimulates hair growth. When you wash your hair with this cleanser, it increases vasodilation and also helps in providing more blood to the roots of the hair. It improves blood circulation and activates the hair follicles, thereby boosting hair growth.

Khadi Shampoo Dosage:

The dosage of this shampoo is different for different people depending upon the age, gender and medical history. The dosage should be given as directed as the physician.

Adults can use this shampoo as needed. It is recommended to use it with lukewarm water and generally a single application on the scalp is enough. It should be applied directly on the scalp or hair once a day.

Khadi Amla Bhringraj Shampoo Side Effects:

The Khadi Shampoo for hair fall has no known side effects as it is an absolutely Ayurvedic preparation. However, it is important to use this shampoo under doctor’s supervision. 

FAQs Regarding the Use of Khadi Natural Shampoo:

  • Can pregnant women use the Khadi Amla Bhringraj Shampoo?

This shampoo can be used by pregnant women safely.

  • Can lactating mothers use this shampoo?

Breastfeeding women can use this shampoo safely as well.

  • Is the shampoo safe for children?

This shampoo is safe for children.

  • Does this shampoo cause drowsiness or is it addictive?

This shampoo does not cause drowsiness. Khadi natural shampoo is also not addictive. But, some patients might develop a habit of using this shampoo only. 


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  • Quantity: 210ml; Item Form: Foam
  • Hair Type: All hair Types
  • Target Audience: Men & Women
  • Usage: Massage gently into wet hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary
  • Container Type: Plastic Bottle
  • Package Contents: 1 Shampoo

Usage Instructions:

  • Step 1

Take a sufficient amount of shampoo in your palm as per your hair length.

  • Step 2

Apply it over your wet hair and scalp and start massaging for 2 minutes

  • Step 3

Rinse thoroughly with water and apply a natural conditioner on your hair after shampoo. It is recommended to use Khadi conditioner for best results.

About the Company:

Khadi Amla Bhringraj Natural shampoo is manufactured by Khadi Natural Healthcare, a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Khadi natural products from India. They cover a total of 18 states in India and have 35 authorized distributors all over India as well. Khadi Natural Health Care also exports to 25 countries around the world and has 50 authorized sellers and distributors internationally.