NYKAA Crimson Carnation Review

NYKAA Crimson Carnation Review

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Nykaa’s nail paints have always mesmerized customers. Their wide Nail Collection always has something for everyone and for every occasion. There are a lot of shades to choose from and you easily keep a few of them as a standby, when you want your nails to look perfectly groomed and styled. They always formulate nail paints that deliver intense and long-lasting color. 

Another great benefit of using Nykaa’s nail polishes is that the colors dry off in a jiffy. You can find soft pastel shades to matte nudes and also find super shiny salon gel polishes such as glittery golds or holographic hues. Using Nykaa’s collection, you can get a stunning makeover on your nails instantly. Today, we are going to review one such wonder color from Nykaa – Crimson Carnation. For all those women who love deep reds, this one is a must buy.

Crimson Carnation:

This lovely deep red polish from Nykaa delivers an exclusive high-reflection nail color. With one one stroke, you can get a high-glossy and gel-like finish. This bottle comes with a patented two-fold plasticizer that prevents chipping. It also comes with a UV filter to protect your nails from discoloration and damage. So, if you want a smooth and gorgeous coverage, then just apply one coat. If you want your nails to look all plumped up, then apply two coats. You can now treat your nails in this vibrant hue that is not only trendy, but also nourishing. This nail color promises to last for long. 

The Nykaa Crimson Carnation is available in a 9 ml bottle and is priced at Rs 143 with an amazing 20% offer discount. So, hurry and grab it at the earliest. 


  • high-Impact and Super-Shine

This enamel nail lacquer is formulated with unique light-reflecting pigments that deliver an intense and long-lasting color. It is perfect for times when you want to groom your nails perfectly, without having to keep re-touching them. The colors stay put for long. 

  • Single Stroke, Massive Effect

This high-reflection nail paint delivers a glossy and gel-like application in just one stroke. It has a patented two-fold plasticizer that prevents your nails from chipping. So, using this nail polish, will also protect your nails. The UV filter prevents your nails from yellowing. You easily get a smooth and lovely coverage in just one coat. If you want your nails to look all plumped up, you can add two coats. 

How To Apply

  • Rotate the bottle in your hand to mix it, but do not shake it.
  • Apply the first coat and then let it dry completely. Later, apply the second coat if you want.
  • You can clean off the smudges with Nykaa nail enamel remover.

Final Verdict:

The fiery red hue of this nail paint makes you look super-trendy and fashion forward. It is easy to apply, stays put for long and also beneficial for the health of your nails! What more do you want girls?